Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Missing A Friend

We all know someone who left this life far too early and, usually, that loss is particularly hard to bear. Today, I got word that the past president of Crimson Moon passed away after suffering a heart attack. He was someone I didn't know that well, even after six years of attending parties and we only played a few times, but he was Crimson Moon for many, many years. He gave of himself and thought of everyone before himself. He was the "big brother" of every girl in the group.
When I attended my first party, he was the first person to introduce themselves to me. He invited me out to dinner with other group members and helped me feel less terrified. He did that with everyone. We had our moments over the years; our disagreements but you still couldn't deny his place in the spanking community and certainly not in Crimson Moon.
So, as we lay Vince to rest this week, I will remember only the good times and the fun he enabled me to have at countless parties.
I am too saddened and stunned to write more.
Rest in peace, Vince...may you find peace at last. I pray God will comfort your family and others of us who are grieving you tonight.
I'm sorry this is short...but I thought it was appropriate to keep it that way.
Have fun, play safe and spank someone in Vince's memory...hey, it's way he'd want it!
Cigi has left the building....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Toy Obsession

It seems my mother was right. She always said I as a "collector" of things. I have so many collections in storage; stamps, Depression Glass, baseball cards, Avon bottles, etc. I get my tendency to be a pack rat from my late father, who could never throw anything away especially if it conjured up fond memories. It seems only natural that, once I got into the spanking scene, I would start to collect more things; such as videos but mostly spanking toys. When I first got active in the scene, I was strictly a bottom and my creed was "The Top provides the toys". Then I started hearing about some bottoms who were friends of mine who had started to purchase their own toys and it began to make sense. For the first several years I was at the mercy of whoever I was playing with and whatever toys they had and chose to use. It began to occur to me that I wasn't getting a lot of spanking with the toys I enjoyed most. So, after talking it over with Cheryl, we agreed to start buying some of our own toys. Well, to make a long story short, "some of our own toys" has become an almost unmanageable accumulation of spanking implements. And I have gone through phases believe me; the first was the cane phase.The result of that is about ten different canes that I love so much I always bring all of them with me to spanking parties. The second was the leather phase, where I got into leather spanking toys. I knew exactly where I wanted to shop for those as I had been salivating over them for a while and telling all the Tops I knew "buy your leather toys from this guy". Of course, I am talking about the London Tanner. I have quite a number of his toys and there are a few more I still have yet to get. Aren't they lovely? They are so well crafted and all handmade. I wish I could get them all!

The next phase was the wood paddle phase. This was the phase before this last one hit me. This happened only because I didn't have any in my collection and, as I was beginning to Top by this time, I thought I should probably get some in the toy bag. I liked to have them used on me too. I wanted only the best quality work, which is why I only purchase toys from three for four different toy makers. I believe in the quality of their work and am loyal to them. I did my usual research online and came across a wonderful gentleman in Texas who makes all kinds of exotic wood paddles. His toys are reasonably priced, too. It's where I got this wonderful paddle made out of purple heartwood. I will give you all the URL's of my favorite toy makers at the end of this post.

There are also a few more of his paddles I want. You can easily see how the collection can begin to be hard to manage. Well, as if that weren't enough, now I have this new phase: the fraternity paddle phase. I believe it's simply because my toy bag is without one and that's why I want one so badly. The collector in me can't be without one. I was at a Crimson Moon party last July and, of course, CM has a vendor fair every year at the summer party. There was a gentleman there with all sorts of fraternity paddles. I admit, at the time, that the thought of having one kind of appealed to me then. But the London Tanner had his usual beautiful table of wares and I had put aside money for the things I wanted. But I kept going back to the table with the fraternity paddles. The one I wanted was a bit out of my price range but it kept catching my eye and I kept going back to his table. Another Top snapped it up and it now resides proudly in his collection. I had lost my chance. But for me part of the fun is the chase; trying to locate just the toy I want. Most of the time that isn't difficult but with this type of toy the hunt may take longer.

Hopefully that same gentleman will have his assortment of frat paddles put out and I will be able to get one. But I hate waiting until July when he will probably show up at the vendor fair of the CM summer party. Meanwhile, I wonder what other obsessions and phases I might go through. And will my wallet be able to take it?
As promised here are the addresses for the toy makers I use. I can vouch for the quality of their work and their customer service. I am a picky customer and if they can please me, they can please anyone.

www.thelondontanners.com (fine leather toys! Say hi to Ian for me!)

www.canes4pain.com (wonderful canes made by Whypdancer. The best!)

www.spanking-paddles.com (makers of paddles from any kind of wood you can imagine; all handmade by Walt.)

There you have it...I urge anyone with an obsession with toys to check out and patronize these fine toy makers.

That's all for now. I am off on the hunt for that elusive frat paddle. This is Cigi signing out saying, as always...play safe and play nice!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Giving Thanks Pt II

I know sometimes real life gets in the way of our wonderful spanking life and that is what has happened to me. I had knee surgery last Thursday (I'm doing fine and everything went well) and even though it was arthroscopic I still had surgery and I still have pain. The fact that my doctor is very easy on the eyes is a plus.

Now, you may be thinking how does the title fit in with what I'm typing? Well, I have the good fortune to have just about the best friend anyone could ask for and she came and spent the last five days with me, helping me out and scolding me when I went against doctor's orders. My dear, sweet, stern friend is none other than Purple Angel, a person most of you know from her blog "spanking delight". I couldn't have had better care if I had had a nurse to care for me.

I don't think the picture would gross you out too much, so here's what my knee looked like on Saturday, when I was allowed to take the bandages off: Very little bleeding or bruising; thanks to my sister and my "private nurse". By the way, those black marks at the top of my knee are my surgeon's initials. They always make sure they mark the correct body part I guess. Anyway, nothing is too much to ask of either of them and I don't think I thank The Man Upstairs for them often enough. It's not enough to tell yourself "my friends and family know I love them". Every now and then they need to hear it, especially when they go above and beyond for you. The only thing that would have made it any nicer would be if I could have stood some spanking; the endorphins would have been nice. lol But we sat around and watched movies (some spanking some not). We watched The Wizard Of Oz and had wonderful memories of the Our Need and Desire party (where we watched this movie on TV while spanking) and we watched It's A Wonderful Life because I don't believe in watching that movie alone, nor do I cry alone during the sentimental, schmaltzy parts.
So I'm going to lie down and rest now...my nurse is calling! :)
That's all for now, Kiddies...this is your slightly high on pain meds blogger, Cigi, saying play nice and play safe!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

This is the day every year when people eat, watch football and give thanks; pretty much in that order. This includes me, of course. But the last few years I have had so much to be thankful for and I don't "give thanks" nearly as often as I should. Nor do I "give thanks" to Him who deserves it the most.
This year, as every year, I am thankful for one more year of being here with my family and friends. I am thankful that cancer hasn't beaten me yet and still hope for a day when it won't.
I am thankful to my doctors and the nurses who take care of me and my surgeons, etc. But I am also thankful to my scene friends who have been so encouraging and inspirational, making me laugh and cry and just being here for me in so many ways.
So today, before we start passing around the sweet potatoes and the turkey and stuffing, let's take a moment to bow our heads and give thanks to the One who has made everything possible. If, like me, you are feeling just a bit more thankful than on other days, thank the Lord sincerely for everything you have.
That, I promise, will be my one and only sermon of the year. Now, pass me the turkey!
Happy Thanksgiving to all my blog buddies and scene friends! You all mean the world to me.
That's all for now, Kiddies. Play nice and play safe!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Sincere Apology

I am so very sorry that I missed Love Our Lurkers Day. I do have a good excuse...I was in the doctor's office for what seemed like half the day. So, in keeping with my "better late than never" attitude about life in general, I am inviting all my lurkers, whoever you may be, to please leave a comment. I know that just because people don't leave comments doesn't mean they haven't visited but today (and every day) please feel free to leave a comment. It can be about anything or any of my posts...it can be that you like my blog or hate it...that you agree with my opinions or disagree with them. It could be that you'd like to use this paddle on my bottom for missing such an important day in Blogland. Whatever you would like to comment on please do!
And next year I will do better and post on the actual day I am supposed to...geesh.

That's it for now...play nice and play safe, Kiddies...or else!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

October Crimson Moon Party Pt. II

The Chicago Crimson Moon party this October was very fun. The first night of the party fell on Halloween night, which made it very interesting.
We are getting used to the new hotel (we've changed hotels several times in the last few years) and they are getting used to us. I believe they know what we do and as long as we are discreet and well behaved, they don't mind us being there.
As you can see, it didn't take me long to correct my name tag. I took a marker and crossed out my "bottom" designation and wrote "switch". I had a blast. I had play sessions that were spur of the moment and I had some that were planned earlier, but they were all fun in their own way.
As I stated in my earlier post, I shared a room with three other women (my sister and two friends) and it really worked out well. You would think having four women in a room there would be mass chaos but there wasn't. We were very respectful of each other and each other's scenes, etc. The only bad part, of course, was only having one shower. lol
The weekend seemed to go by so fast. You get there as early as you can Friday and stay as late as possible on Sunday and it still seems to fly by. I had the chance for some more play in Sunday morning, but I didn't get out of bed in time. It was a shame, too because I had really wanted to play with this guy.
I think sometimes the best times are driving to the party. The anticipation is so high; you wonder who is going to be there (besides the people you all ready know about) and you wonder how your sessions are going to go. You hope the party will be fun and, of course, you wonder if you might actually meet someone you really like there, too. A lot of couples I know met at spanking parties.
On Saturday morning, we had breakfast and then went back to sleep for a while. At least, that is what I did. Cheryl decided to try to find some play, even though she had no make up on and wasn't in her party clothes yet. I slept for awhile and then grabbed a shower, dressed and wondered to the party suite where my sister was getting caned by a darling man from Texas whom we both love. I couldn't resist the urge to take pictures but I ended up using my digital camera to make a mini video instead. It turned out really great.
There were new people from Ohio that I was really glad to meet. The party was the first for her, I'm not sure about him. But I'm glad I got to play with him (he was a great spanker!) and I'm glad I could suggest and introduce her to her first spanker besides the man she was with. She was very shy even though she watched me get spanked first. But we all left the room and gave them some privacy. She assured me she really enjoyed the spanking, but she didn't go into detail and, as a courtesy, I didn't ask. It was none of my business.
The weather was really cooperative with us this time. I think it was about 75 degrees both days; just lovely weather. I think next weekend, when we attend the Our Need and Desire party we won't get so lucky.
This will be the first time I have attended spanking parties so close together. I think I saved my bottom pretty well and made sure I didn't have any marks that might still be there two weeks later.
I think that party will be fun, too. How can a spanking party not be fun? I have been going for almost six years and I have never had a party I didn't have fun at. Oh I have been to ones that were not as much fun as others, or where something happened that bummed me out, but all in all I've enjoyed every party I've ever been to. And this will be a chance to go to another group's party and meet new people in a smaller party setting.
Saturday really went by in a blur. It seemed I was playing constantly, whether it was topping or bottoming. I think I've come along as a Top but I am still primarily a bottom. That is the selfish side of me; the side that wants to feel all the delicious toys. The Top side of me wants to give that pleasure back to others.
The last play of the party was very special for me. A certain Top who attends parties had told me he loves to strap a girl wearing tight jeans; no bare bottom activity, all the strapping would be done over jeans. I was intrigued by that idea so I asked him if he'd like to try it with me. It took us about two minutes to get to his room. He unloaded all his straps (and most of mine) on me. It was so nice to get that hard, hard strapping right before bed. He used his hand to spank me at the very end, to help as a cool down and to ramp down the endorphins. I was so floaty when we finished I couldn't get up right away...he smiled. He knew he had done his job.
All I could do was go to bed and get some sleep. I usually always sleep later the morning we are leaving than I do on Saturday morning, unless we are leaving at some ungodly hour. But this time we were in no hurry so I slept until 10:00, with Cheryl telling me every half hour to get up. I finally did, of course, and we packed and then there were all those goodbyes to say. That is the part I hate the most; saying goodbye to everyone.
Cheryl and I talked a lot on the way home and discussed our favorite sessions and our favorite people. I sure hope a few people mentioned us as favorites on the way home. I know I had a nice warm, sore bottom to remind me of the fun I had. I can't wait for the next one!
That is about all, Kiddies....play nice and play safe everyone!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

October Crimson Moon Party Report

Returned Sunday from the Halloween Crimson Moon Party and I have to say it was a lot of fun. We had a lot of new, fun people come and most of them were young.
If you are wondering why I chose to put a picture of a hotel room door here, I want to tell you this isn't just any ol' hotel room door. This was the doorway that led to FUN! Oh, I know...it looks just like any other hotel room door...like thousands of others. And if someone else had been staying there, you would be right. But there were four fun girl brats staying there and that meant the room was fun and always had spanking going on. If those walls could talk!!!
First, the person who drove us to the party arrived a day early and we had some play time Thursday night. That made it like a three-day party for Cheryl and I. The next morning we left about 11:00 and had a beautiful drive there. When we got to the hotel we saw many "Moonies" there and had to stop and say hello even before we checked in or had our bags in our room. When we did get checked in and settled into our room I did my usual "an hour and a shower" routine where I rest for an hour, grab a shower, get into party clothes and then hit the party rooms looking for play.
The first person I played with was a gentleman who I have known for five years now. He and I both switch but this time I topped him. It was very enjoyable. There were a lot of good spankers at this party so I spent most of it bottoming. Can you blame a girl?
On Friday night they fed us pasta, bread and salad. It was pretty good, along with drinks, etc. Another member brought her by now famous cheese ball both nights. Halloween night was also the birthday of a very beloved member of our group and he got cake and had "Happy Birthday" sung to him. Many of us offered to take his birthday spanking, which I did.
As I mentioned, we had some new members come to this party, many of them young people. That is always so nice to see, and you know the future of the group is going to be in good hands. There were two couples there who were pretty young and quite new to spanking. By the time Saturday night came around they all had a lot more experience.
I played a lot at this party. I am a gourmet and I usually only play with people who are exceptional spankers or who at least show potential. Now, I am not a snob. I have offered my bottom for "target practice" to many new Tops and have helped in their training. But this time if a Top just didn't look like he would interest me, I passed. There were more than enough Tops at this party that I could be choosy. I had purchased many new toys since the Summer Party in July (to be exact: three new leather straps, two new wood paddles and two new canes) and, of course, I wanted to take them for a test drive. And I wanted to use them on other people, too. I loaned them to a few Tops for use on other bottoms and...well come to think of it, now I think I know why some of the girls didn't talk to me for a while. lol
I also enjoyed spanking one of my roommates. Another roommate took a video with her digital camera, which I can't wait to see. We spent the weekend making little videos instead of taking so many pictures. I know it takes up a lot of room on the memory card but what do they cost? $25 or $30? Well worth it to keep memories on film.
On Saturday most of the partiers dressed in costume. Even though Friday night was Halloween, tradition was adhered to and the costumes came out on Saturday night. The eats were very good on Saturday, too. Homemade beef stew, which we could smell slow cooking to the end of the hall, more bread, salad and lots of desserts. There was also a lot more spanking.
I missed some friends this time around, Purple Angel and some others. But I will be seeing a few of them in a few weeks at the Our Need and Desire party, which Purple Angel hosts.
My tolerance was off the charts at this party. I took more hard spanking, strapping, caning and paddling than I can remember taking at a party for a good while. But my bottom isn't in bad shape today, two days after getting home. Everyone took care of me by giving me a great warm up and wonderful aftercare.
I missed a few Tops I wanted to play with, too, such as my blog buddy, Dr. Ken. I talked to him a few times, but he seemed a bit busy this time. I'm sure it was all those girls who had a thing for a man in uniform...which I do, even if it is a Star Trek TNG uniform. And, Ken, why only 2 ingots? (or whatever those little buttons are called) you should have put on 4 and gone as Captain Picard. Whether you had 2 or 4 you were certainly handsome in your costume.
But I could never let a party go without playing with probably one of my all time favorite Tops, Tubaman from Texas. He is funny and a great spanker...with a wonderful sense of humor. He and his wife are great friends of mine.
Well, that about wraps up this part of my story...be looking in a few days for part II of my report about the Crimson Moon party...
That's all for now...play safe and play nice, Kiddies!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pre-Party Jitters and Excitement

Well, here it is the end of October and time to get ready for another Crimson Moon party. This one almost didn't come to pass for me as I have been on crutches for ten days resting a torn tendon in my left knee. When the injury happened my first thought was, "Well, there goes the party." I figured I had injured myself badly and if I didn't need surgery I would be very lucky. Lucky for me, all I needed was to rest it and take two weeks off from work. I have been mind-numbingly bored and the only good that has come from it is that my apartment has never been so clean. Once the pain subsided and I could put pressure on it, I cleaned out of boredom. Doesn't everyone? lol
So the party is a "go" after all and all the arrangements are made. While I don't have the nervous/excited/terrified feeling that accompanied my first few parties, I am very excited. Meeting my friends again (and the prospect of meeting a few new ones) is always wonderful for me. Nothing recharges my batteries like a weekend among my spanking friends. There is just something about being out of town (way out of town) and knowing you basically had to lie about what you were doing to get the weekend off, staying in a hotel, getting about 10 hours total sleep for the weekend and getting spanked with hundreds of different implements to help re-energize a spanko.
While I'm gone this weekend, I won't have access to my computer. They have a couple computers for guests to use but they are right in the lobby for anyone to look over your shoulder at what you're reading, so I think I will just wait until I return home to check emails, blog comments, etc. So just know that I am excited about the party but I have a million things to do before I leave and, while I'm doing them, I'll be whistling a happy tune.

I promise to blog about my adventures as soon as I can after returning home; for those of you who just have to know what I was up to. lol

Have a great weekend and hopefully I'll be able to blog Monday...
Until then...play safe and play nice, Kiddies!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yes, I know I have always considered myself a bottom. For five years I have explored every avenue of my bottom side and would have been very happy to just continue that had not thoughts of topping entered my mind. I don't remember when this happened. I tried it when I first started bottoming, giving a switch friend of mine (or at least making the attempt) a birthday spanking. I did it only because he asked me to and I found out this is the worst reason to spank someone; as a personal favor/gift. I'm afraid my heart wasn't in it and I couldn't quite pull off the Domme role. In fact, I couldn't even pinken his bottom. And, believe me, I tried. But I spent the whole time just wanting to be over his knee and so I'm afraid I daydreamed through much of it. I know it was a disappointment to him but I warned him ahead of time, "I'm no Top." And I know he didn't appreciate that I just went through the motions of spanking him. I made an awful botch of it simply because that wasn't where I was at in my journey through the spanking universe. I wanted to explore this thing from the bottom because it was all so new to me. Well, long story short, it's not so new to me anymore.
So enter those Toppy type thoughts. I won't call them fantasies because I didn't really fantasize about it. I just kept having feelings like "I wonder what it would be like to top someone now; after experiencing the bottom for five years, I bet I could make a decent Top."
I believe none of us is all one thing or the other. We aren't all submissive or all dominant. It takes a little of both of those things to make it in the real world. So it came as really no surprise to me that I wouldn't turn out to be all bottom; that I could top, too and enjoy it much more than that experiment in terror years ago.
As a party was coming up, I went about deciding who I should trust this delicate information to. After all, after years of being "Cigi, the brat who can take it all", I was suddenly going to become "Miss Cigi...spanker of young men and ladies." In other words, I wanted to be both those things. I wanted someone who would be discreet about it and who had knowledge of topping and bottoming so I looked for the best switch I could find and, if I may say so, it was the perfect choice. Not only is this particular man a complete pain slut, he's also a consummate show-off and a wonderful teacher for "this thing we do". He let me use every toy I had and tutored me in how to use them correctly and safely. I all ready had the desire and the basic know-how just from being a bottom. But a lot of toys (particularly canes) take a lot of practice. After spanking him three times during the weekend, he told me, "You will make a very respected Top some day." I know he appreciated that I had asked him if he would be the first person to allow me to Top them. I ended up topping about five people that weekend including two women, who really enjoyed it. So I have to say that, although I am no longer 100% bottom, I have not become 100% top. I still prefer to bottom but I have so many lovely toys, how could I not share them with other spankos?
I know how nice a spanking is supposed to feel. I know most bottoms (at least this one) would like to be spanked by a non-threatening, "this is just for fun" type person. I know at a party, that is the prevailing attitude. That 's the type of spanker I want to be. I want people to say, "She's fun no matter which side of the lap she's on." A Top/Dom friend of mine once told me, "Switches are like bisexuals...they just don't know what they want." I tend to think that switches get 50% more opportunity to have fun than just tops or bottoms.
So if you see me at a party and you want to ask me to play, even though my name tag says I am a bottom, it's ok to ask me if I will switch with you. It goes along with that 50% more fun thing.
So I haven't stopped bottoming, have no fear, I just went down another avenue on the road of my spanking journey.

Play nice...and play safe...
That's all for now, Kiddies!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Hi folks...
I recently discovered Fetlife.com; a great site for those of us bitten by the spanko bug, or whatever kind of fetish or kink you might have. Believe me, the 50,000 plus members of Fetlife have thought of everything. I will list ones I had no idea existed or could even be accomplished. I apologize beforehand for the crass language and these are in no particular order:

*Bald Women (who knew?)
*Cooking With Cum (same thing!)
*Armpit Hair (I'll leave that one alone)
*Figging (had to actually have that one explained to me!)
*Face spitting (gross!)
*Farting (this turns people on???)
*anal fisting (didn't even know this one was possible! ouch)
*human toilet (enough said!)
*vampirism (is this a fetish or just a fashion fad??)

Now, I am not demeaning nor laughing at those who practice the above. But it sure makes my little spanking thing seem pretty tame. However, there are plenty of spanking groups on Fetlife and I have met many new friends there. The site is easy to navigate and you can pretty much post whatever you want as long as you keep it respectful.
There is even a Chicago Crimson Moon group there and Purple Angel started an Our Need and Desire group there, too. In my opinion, it might just make the old Yahoo groups obsolete. Yahoo is always deleting adult groups (this has happened to me a few times when I log in and find half my groups are gone) and this site seems like it's here to stay. Everyone who runs the site is kinky so we don't have to worry about offending vanillas. You can post cool pictures there, too without fear that they will get deleted by a moderator. Are some of them in bad taste? Absolutely! But you don't have to look at them if you don't want to. So if you are a spanky type person (and if you're reading this I hope you are) stop by and look at the groups. It takes just a few seconds to join and it's absolutely free. You never know who you might meet there!

That's it for the shameless plug of Fetlife for tonight...
Play nice and play safe, Kiddies!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Crying Game

Boy, you'd think I could come up with a title that was a little more original than this, but I've been under the weather (read: I feel like crap) so this is the best I could do.
I was chatting with a gentleman last night (bad idea) and it was obvious this man had never had a real, live woman over is knee. Or if he did I felt sorry for the women he did play with. I invited questions (another bad idea) as I usually do with new people who haven't quite taken that first step to spank or get spanked.
He did ask some intelligent questions such as do you take precautions so your neighbors won't hear the spanking noise? But he also asked some questions that told me that he either read too much spanking fiction which, in my mind, is almost always made extra severe and humiliating just for the sake of titillation or he watched too many spanking videos with that all important punishment theme. In other words, as I like to say, please get on the next train to the Real World.
He asked me, "How long do you like to be held or comforted after a spanking?"
I told him, "Usually not long. I give a hug after a spanking but then usually there is just more spanking after that."
To which he replied, "You don't like to be held while you cry?"
Cry? Yes, I finally figured out that I was chatting with a completely clueless wanna be who had no idea how a real spanking went.
"I don't cry from a spanking," I told him. This seemed to truly shock him.
"Don't you get spanked for punishment?"
"No," I replied, "I had a disciplinarian but he's been dead for 15 years."
This man then offered me his deepest condolences on the loss of my disciplinarian. I thought I was being funny but he took it completely seriously.
"I'm talking about my father!" I told him and put a nice smiley at the end so he would know I was joking with him about who my disciplinarian had been.
"Don't you feel like you are sometimes that same little girl who needs to be punished for doing naughty things?" he asked.
I finally had to break it to him, "I'm 47-years-old. I don't do 'naughty' things anymore and if I do, I know I can go to my God and He will forgive me."
Then because I brought up God, he didn't want to really chat anymore. I felt completely sorry for him. With his attitude and ignorance I don't know if he'll ever get someone to play with. So much of our chat had been him asking if I had ever cried from a spanking (as an adult), if I wanted to cry from a spanking, why I felt I didn't need to cry from a spanking and then he gave me websites I could visit and chat with women who regularly cried from a spanking and they could tell me about the catharsis and healing that takes place when a Dominant authority figure holds you accountable and spanks you as punishment, etc. No thanks. I would just be wasting those people's time.
The truth of the matter is I have only cried one time from a spanking and it was actually a caning. The man doing the caning was caning me unbelievably hard. On the 11th stroke, I safeworded him instead of stopping he convinced me to take one more stroke. I cried after that but I'm not so sure what really caused the tears. Was it the pain of that 12th stroke or was it the pain I felt that someone I trusted and liked as a person had shrugged off my safeword? I swear for all the world, looking back on it now, he was satisfied with himself. It was like he had accomplished his task.
That has been the only time I have ever cried from a spanking. Even when I allowed myself to be punished for smoking (I was trying to quit and foolishly thought this would help) I didn't cry from it. And I'm not exaggerating, the guy tore my bottom up. Not only did I not cry but I didn't quit smoking either.
I'm not trying to put down those who want or need discipline in their lives. Most of the people I know who engage in this type of activity didn't have the positive and loving relationship I had with my father. In many cases either there was no clear cut authority figure in the home or there was long range, chronic abuse going on. When you don't have that loving authority figure that makes you feel safe and cherished and who comforts you and says he loves you even after inflicting pain on you, it sends a positive message to a young child. I don't blame anyone for trying to find that father or mother figure they didn't have growing up. But not all of us are looking for that and when I chat with people who find out that I'm perfectly ok and that I have very little baggage from my childhood they can't understand how I got interested in spanking. Well, interested is a good word, but it hardly conveys my true feelings about spanking. A better word might be obsessed.
So if you want to cry from a spanking (and many people do need to do that occasionally) more power to you. But treat those of us who don't like we are weird or different. Some spankos did have loving parents who both nurtured and disciplined them. I guess I'm just one of the lucky ones.

That's all for now, Kiddies! Play nice and play safe...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Toys!

Yesterday was a day off from work so I lounged around in pj's most of the day. That is until about 11:30 when I heard a knock knock at my door. I told Cheryl, "That sounds like a knock knock at the door!" She is always accusing me of hearing someone at the door when there is no one there but this time there was. Well, not someONE but someTHING. It was an innocent-looking box marked priority mail and I knew exactly what was in it even before I saw the return address.

My new toys were here! Don't you just love getting new spanking toys? Mine came from the source of all my leather toys: The London Tanners in Florida. Opening the box and unwrapping those lovely pieces of leather made me feel like that six-year-old girl who unwrapped the Easy Bake Oven many Christmases ago. And like the girl who couldn't wait to make my Dad a cake, I couldn't wait to feel what my new toys felt like. Now, I have no man in my life at the moment and no prospects of play until probably the weekend after next. How can you expect a girl to wait that long? Well, to make a long story short, I didn't....

Now, I tell everyone who is dumb enough to ask that my sister and I don't spank each other. I get that question a lot, usually from people who have watched too many videos or read too much spanking fiction. In other words, get on the next train to the Real World. In the Real World, sisters (even ones in the spanking scene) don't spank each other...that would be icky. But I wanted to feel what my new toys felt like and so did Cheryl, so we agreed for the sake of just getting a feel for our new toys, we would do it just this one time. A few swats with each one, just to get a feel for the two straps we purchased. In short, they felt lovely and I can't wait to bring them to the next parties I am attending; the Crimson Moon party in October and the Our Need and Desire party in mid-November.

I can't wait to have them really used on me and to use them on others, of course. Such wonderfully luscious leather should be shared with others. If I knew how to insert a picture on this darn thing, I would include pictures of my new toys, but alas, you'll just have to come to a party and see them for yourself! :)

That's all for now....
Play safe and play nice, Kiddies!


Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Spanking Neighbors

About a month ago, Dr. Ken wrote a fictitious story about hearing his neighbors in spanking play. He had me spellbound until he admitted it was just a made up story.

Well, I have a "spanking neighbors" story to tell and mine is totally true. It occurred about four years ago in the neighborhood I used to live in. I was living in the house I grew up in at the time. I was driving home from a long, hard day at work one Friday night. I wasn't particularly thinking about anything, just kind of listening to the radio in my car humming the tune. Traffic wasn't too bad that time of night (it was late...about 11:30 pm) so it didn't take long to make the turn into my neighborhood. As I came around the corner and turned onto the cul de sac I lived on, I happened to slow down at the end of the block, preparing for the curve that was coming. I slowed down enough to see my neighbors (they lived only four doors down from my house) through opened curtains in the living room. She was dressed in a multi-colored print sundress with her hair pulled back in a loose ponytail. He was dressed in a golf shirt and shorts. I was drawn to them. Now, I am no voyeur or anything, but something about this scene got on my "spanking radar". Sure enough, he sat down beside her on the sofa and before my mind could even register it, he pulled her sternly over his knee. But, I noticed she was smiling. I think they obviously forgot they hadn't drawn the curtains. I only saw him spank her on her dress because a car came up behind me and honked at me to get moving, so I never saw the whole scene. The next Friday I dashed home, hoping this was an every Friday night thing, but to my disappointment, they remembered to close the curtains.

I never did find out if that only happened once or if I did indeed have "spanking neighbors". I tend to want to believe they played spanking games all the time. I also like to believe they may have been walking down the street, hand in hand, one sunny afternoon and heard spanking noises coming from my house and were inspired. I assure you I always remembered to pull down my blinds whenever I had "company" over.

At any rate, there was just something about this scene that was very alluring. Maybe it was that dress and her bare legs and feet. Or maybe it was the way he took over his knee so masterfully, with that stern look on his face. I don't know what it was but it worked for me on every level. Soon after that, I moved to where I live now. I often wonder about those people and if they still have spanking games. They were both young and attractive and I would often wave to them as I drove by if they were outside. I brought them a plate of cookies when they moved into the neighborhood and they were very appreciative and gracious to me. But I wonder if they know that was me who watched them that Friday night; a witness to something I was not unfamiliar with and of which I definitely approved.

For those who just have to know every detail, all I saw him spank her with was his hand, but it seemed good and solid to me; not wimpy or unsure of himself. And, she was smiling the entire time I watched them. The one thing I will admit to was that I had to stifle the urge to run to the door, knock and ask if I could be next!

That's all for now, kiddies...play safe and play nice!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Stories From July CM Party

Have you ever been to a party or had a private play date that was so special you didn't want it to end? I know most of us hate when that special spanking time ends, but I had a particularly hard time with this party. While I didn't have the usual post party letdown (mostly because I spent yesterday getting spanked by a very nice new top I met at the party) when we actually got in the car to leave, it seemed like I had a cloud over my head. As I stated earlier, I was torn between wanting the party to last another day and getting home to my "babies"; my two kitties, Cricket and Lolita.
I had some really special sessions at this party, mostly because of the vendor fair where people buy new toys and are anxious to find someone to use them on or be spanked with them. In my case, it was both. I had limited funds this time and had to stick to what I had decided to buy before the party.
Several other Tops asked me to allow them to use my bottom for the purpose of trying out new toys. I was happy to accommodate them.
Apparently, while I was busy shopping, the brats had decided to designate one of the chairs in the room as the "elected chair". If you sit on it, you "elect" to take a spanking. It was naughty of those brats not to let me in on this until after I had sat down on the chair. Of course, I was immediately spanked, first by one top and then by another who was selling his wears at the vendor fair. You might guess who he is when I tell you what he used on me: the Canadian Prison Strap. This thing was nasty and evil, but felt good, too. I had a good tolerance for this party but I could only take about ten or so with this thing. That attests to how nasty it is. I also got a pretty good caning from him, too as well as tips on how to cane correctly. I guess he couldn't stand to watch me make a botch of it with a male bottom so he offered me tips, which I appreciated.
Being caned by this guy is just awesome. You haven't lived, ladies, until you've been caned by a real English disciplinarian. I was on the bed on all fours, elbows on the bed and bottom raised high in the air. This stretches the skin of your bottom and makes the cane strokes that much more effective. Of course, I love the cane so it was very intoxicating for me. To me, the cane is the most erotic implement in the world. The sensation is just so different from any other spanking toy. And, of course, we don't ever call a cane a "toy" because it's not a toy. The cane tends to "separate the men from the boys" so to speak.
So I loved getting spanked with all kinds of new toys, including a rug beater. This has the sting of the cane but not the afterburn. It is an interesting sensation. I also got to feel a loopy johnny made out of some sort of mesh material. It had a ring around it so you could widen or shorten the loop, giving all kinds of different sensations.
I played with a lot of people this time, as you might expect at a three-day party. But I also saved my bottom so I wasn't completely toasted for the ride home.
The weather cooperated, for the most part, especially Friday. It was simply gorgeous outside but how would I know? I stayed inside the whole weekend. Everything I wanted was in the hotel so why leave? lol
I have found that I really enjoy spanking play in the morning, right after breakfast. I don't really know why this is. My bottom is usually pretty tender after playing the night before. But there is just something about playing when you are still a little sleepy that I find really enjoyable.
I didn't get to see the School Room scene, but then school room scenes aren't my thing. I had enough of them when I was really in school! lol But one of my favorite lady tops conducts the school room and I wanted to at least stop by. But, of course, as often happens, I lost track of time and totally missed it.
And, of course, I made sure to get spanked by my blog pal, Dr. Ken. He used my new clothes brush on me and I can vouch for how stingy it is. But the bristle side feels good on a spanked bottom.
So that is this report about my adventures at the July CM party. I might add more later...or I might keep the rest of it to myself...who knows??? lol

That's all for now, kiddies. Play safe and play nice!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

July Crimson Moon Party Report

Sorry it has taken so long to write about what was probably the most fun party I have ever attended but real life kind of got in the way after arriving home.
First, the drive up was really fun. Three girls in a rented car on their way to a spanking party; I wonder what people would have thought if they had known. :-) We ran into a thunderstorm but it didn't last long and anyway, if it had, I wouldn't have cared. As it turns out, I didn't leave the hotel all weekend.
The first person I played with was someone I had been planning to play with since the last party. He is a switch and I wanted to try out my topping skills. Since he is someone who would be willing to lend his bottom to such an experiment (and to give constructive advice) I had asked if I could top him. This proved to be a successful endeavor, with both parties happy. Don't worry, guys...I'm not a switch. I'm still about 90% bottom but just like to top every now and then, although I did top about five times at this party. lol
There were some new Tops at this party and I quickly got on their good sides (translation: I bratted them cutely) and got some very nice spanking in return.
I met some new bottoms too and gave them my advice about the best spankers in the group. I think they were happy with their choices as I saw all of them smiling every time I saw them during the weekend.
The only thing that kind of bummed me out was that my good friend, Purple Angel, who Cheryl and I had ridden up with, couldn't really enjoy the party because of pain in her leg. But I understand she got taken very good care of while she laid in bed and got waited on like the princess she is.
Saturday was the vendor fair. While there weren't that many vendors in attendance, my two favorites (both from Florida) were there. Ian from London Tanners did his usual great job of selling (and demoing) his toys. He left with a bit of my money. He also demoed one of his prison straps on me. I didn't know which one because, as you might guess, he was behind me. I think it was his Canadian Prison strap but I'm not sure. All I know is that that thing got my attention and the attention of everyone in the room who saw the demo. The toy looks nasty (and it is) but I really loved it. And, of course, he was happy to demonstrate his wonderful caning technique, too. If you would like to see his vast array of toys, please visit Ian's website: thelondontanners.com
The other vendor who was there had an array of wood and leather toys as well as canes. I had bought a razor strap from him at last July's party and I wanted to let him know that it was still "working" properly. He had some nice razor straps, rug beaters and fraternity paddles. I had my eye on one of them (one that wasn't too heavy and ridiculous) but my funds were low and I couldn't afford any of them, though they were reasonably priced. What I did come away with was one of Ian's "Nannie Paddles", a new cane (a thinner one to compliment all my thicker ones) and a clothes brush thrown in to boot. The clothes brush is very nasty. It is neither plastic nor wood. We aren't sure what it's made out of but it does pack a nasty sting.
Friday and Saturday nights we got very good eats, thanks to members of the group who cooked tirelessly. Friday night was brats (which I thought was appropriate) and the fixings. Saturday night was pork roast with sauerkraut and other sides. Yeah, I know...sauerkraut at a spanking party? What was he thinking? I didn't have any though just to be on the safe side.
I got so much fun spanking play at this party AND wore my cutest purple panties on Friday just for Purple Angel and, wouldn't you know it, she didn't even get to see them. Her beloved GC saw them and reported that they were, indeed, adorable. I thanked him for the compliment, of course.
I played very hard at this party but thanks to the Tops who spanked me for their expertise and practiced hands, I didn't need my first aid kit at all. But I'm still glad I brought it. You never know when you might need it. I still never attend a spanking party without it.
I felt quite a few different spanking styles at this party. I played with a few who only spanked by hand and they were lovely, both the spankers and the spankings. I played with a few who didn't quite know what a warm up was, but that is their style. And I played with a few who loved their toys so much the warm up I did get was cursory. But I love that feeling, too. I assure you I didn't take anything I didn't want. And this time when I told people "no wood", there were no problems. I did take some paddlings with wood paddles or hairbrushes (but only three or four swats with each) but mostly it was leather straps and my beloved canes.
It was so much fun exploring my top side at this party, too. I was brand spanking new to topping, but the way I started was that I knew what I liked as a bottom and I just started there and listened to the people bottoming to me. The way I do it is I just opened my toy bag and said, "Take out what you think you might like and leave the rest." I think that worked out pretty well. And I promise you if someone said "I don't do wood" or "I don't like the cane" no one was pressured to do it anyway. I would never be that kind of spanker because I know how much I hate it when I'm bottoming. With practice I may become pretty good at it. lol
When Sunday comes I am usually very torn, especially after a three-day party. I am usually torn between wanting the party to last another day and wanting to get home and sleep in my own bed. This party was no exception.
I can't wait until the next one in October which, this year, will fall on Halloween. That should be fun!
Some people were missed at this party, too, due to health issues. I pray for them everyday. And, of course, my sweet friend, Purple Angel, didn't get to enjoy the party much, either but there will always be next time.
And I met a Top who is coming here to play on Saturday...hopefully I'll have some fun to blog about then!
Everyone have a great day and I'll write more about specifics of the party another time. Till then...

Cigi has left the building...play safe and play nice everyone!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Serious Subject

Getting ready for a spanking party takes a lot of planning for a girl. You have to figure out how many outfits to take and how much this and that your suitcases can hold. And of course you have to pack your toys.

But there is one thing I absolutely positively never go to a spanking party without and that is my First Aid Kit. All it contains is a tube of arnica cream, a tube of Neosporin (the kind that has a pain reliever as well), a package of oversized Band Aids and some Q-tips for applying the Neosporin. Of course, keep the Q-tips in a separate little bag to keep them sanitary. I carry this in a little clear plastic make up bag I bought at Walgreens for about $1.50.

I believe a bottom should always carry their own aftercare products. You can't always count on a Top having arnica or Band Aids if they are needed. Most of them will carry lotion but that is about all. When you have bruises or broken or abraded skin, lotion is useless.
I know we all like to think that spanking is this fun activity, and it is. But some of us play at a level that is more likely to result in broken skin or bruises. You have to be prepared for anything. Most Tops are mortified when they see that you have broken skin or that the lovely strap they just strapped you with 100 times has abraded the skin. But I know a few who I would swear do it on purpose. But that is a story for another post.
It was a wise bottom who told me at my first party not to come to a spanking party without the items I mentioned. She was right and I have thanked her after each party for her sound advice.
Ice from the hotel ice machine also works on welts and surface bruising. It also feels very good on a hot bottom.
A lot of bottoms have asked me about arnica. I am one of the bottoms who swears by it. Others are skeptical but I know it works for me. It is available in tablet form, a gel and cream. I prefer the cream because it's less sticky and stings less going on than the gel.
It's nice to lay there and just get your bottom rubbed with arnica. But you can't just rub it on like you do lotion. It has to be worked deep into the muscles, almost like kneading bread dough. In the meantime, it also rubs out those hard spots you get from a wood paddle. It takes time and patience but it can be done. Do this every time you have a hard session and again before bed. When you wake up, most if not all of the bruising should be gone.The arnica should be allowed to soak into the skin completely before you play again or be prepared for a very stingy surprise. I've also found a nice herbal hot pack of lavender and red raspberry works on light bruising. It's relaxing, too.
I've never had a major injury but I've had cuts and bruises and welts. You need to take care of them as you would if the injury was on your finger. Don't ignore it thinking when you soap down during your daily hot shower that will be enough. Make sure you are keeping any injury where blood was drawn covered and sterile until a scab forms.
What I hate is that itchy phase that comes a few days after abraded skin starts healing. Keep your skin hydrated with plenty of Vitamin E or Aloe Vera lotion. That should keep the itching to a minimum.
Also, drink plenty of water if you are bruised. It flushes the by products of broken red blood cells out of your system as the bruises heal. I was very deeply bruised only once in the five years I have been in the scene. The bruises were not just surface stuff, either. Each cheek was bruised from top to bottom and from left hip to right hip. I have never to this day figured out why I bruised to badly. But the bruises took two months to heal completely. I know that couldn't have been good for my body.
So when we say "play safe" it is more than just playing safe, sane and consensual. It means taking along whatever you might need if you play a little too hard. Remember accidents happen and they happen to everyone.
Have fun but be prepared.

That's all for now...hope this makes sense to everyone. I'm kinda tired tonight. But with a party coming up it made sense to remind myself and my spanking friends about this all important point.

Have a great night everyone!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Opinion on an old Topic

I have seen just about everyone blog about this subject...the all important subject to female spankees. Yes, I am talking about panties.
I just recently found a great sale (and by great I mean GR8...$14.00 panties for $2.00...does it get better than that, ladies?) so I bought like 15 or 20 pairs. Now I have to go through my undie drawer and get rid of about that many pairs. The trouble with that is that some of those panties have sentimental value. How do you get rid of the panties you were wearing the first time a special person spanked you? How do you get rid of a pair of panties that you wore to your first spanking party? My answer: you don't. You wait until your sister is at work and you get rid of her panties. This sounds fair to me. lol Of course, I'm not going to do that but you have to draw the line at how many freakin' pairs of panties two people need. Cheryl used to work at a higher end department store so she was always bringing home cute jeans and tops and, of course, panties. I finally had to tell her, "No more panties. We have enough!" Of course her reply was always the same..."A spanking girl can't have too many pairs of cute panties." She's right, darn it.
When I first got into the scene, I naturally went for lacy, virginal panties. All my panties were lacy and delicate. After having several pairs of very expensive panties torn by over-eager Tops, and finding that lacy panties aren't all that comfortable, I decided to go with cute instead of sexy. I know you are all just dying to know about my panties, but this is something that us girls think about. Some Tops like cute panties and will make a big show of pulling them down after spanking on them for a prolonged period of time. Others do what I call the "yank and spank"...they don't care what kind of panties you are wearing and usually barely notice. All they know is that your panties are in the way of the real prize for them...your bare bottom.
And don't even get me started on Tops who dislike thongs...ahhh, too late. Apologies to Dev but I do own some thongs and I do wear them occasionally because some Tops find them very hot. One top told me, "It's all about how a nice thong frames a pretty bottom"...or some such nonsense. I like to wear a thong under a pretty dress with thigh high stockings. When a Top is spanking me and he goes to lift my dress, he gets a surprise...a bare bottom where a pair a panties usually is. I had one Top accuse me of trying to give him a heart attack in this manner. Talk about high praise! lol
I remember saying in another post that I don't have what I call a "spanking wardrobe" but I do splurge on panties. Well, with the sale I found, I didn't have to splurge.
I'm going back to tomorrow for the bath towels they have on sale. :)

That's all for now...Cigi has left the building. Goodnight, All!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Spanked in Public

Here, at last, is my own personal (well, one of them anyway) spanked in public stories.

It happened about four years ago right in my own hometown. There was a Top who Cheryl and I used to get together with but not with much frequency. He lived out of state (way out of state) and we only saw him when he had to come close to town for business. On this occasion, the business was our birthday. He bought a bottom friend of ours with him.

We rented a hotel for the day and played there until all three of us girls were red, sore and hungry. The Spanker Who Shall Remain Nameless (as he will be called from now on) was kind enough to take us all out for dinner, his treat. You'd think Cigi would be on her best behavior...well, I was. I was on my best brat behavior.
On my birthday (or any other day) this was the best you could expect from me. Now, mind you, I wasn't an obnoxious or malicious brat. But The Spanker Who Shall Remain Nameless had driven a long way and I'm sure he was tired from driving, not to mention spanking three bottoms. We went to one of my favorites restaurants and Cheryl and I were told we could order whatever we wanted, money was no object. The three of us girls looked at each other and I'm sure The Spanker Who Shall Remain Nameless was sorry he had told us "money is no object."
The table was laden with steak, lobster, crab cakes and the like. I like sea food but I love a good steak too so...I got both! :)
We had a wonderful dinner actually and most of the time we girls displayed our best table manners. We were, after all, in public. But that didn't stop me from throwing my napkin in his face or knocking his fork on the floor when he wasn't looking or putting the onion slices from my salad in his glass of water. He smiled patiently; a promise of things to come.
We talked about spanking and some of our experiences and past parties we had gone to. It was actually a very nice time. However...
walking out to the parking lot to his car was a long walk. The restaurant was busy and The Spanker Who Shall Remain Nameless never liked parking his car around others. He parked it way off in the lower forty. It was December and it was cold and he walked to his car trailed by three brats who were complaining the whole way. Now, The Spanker Who Shall Remain Nameless was a nice man but vain about his hair. His girlfriends always said he took longer to do his hair than they did! So I made a point of mussing his hair. He would ignore me and patiently swipe it back into place. When that didn't work at getting a rise out of him, I resorted to kicking him in the backside, which he found annoying if not painful.
The Spanker Who Shall Remain Nameless turned to face me, "Cigi, I know you can think of a cuter way to brat me. Something that's more 'you'." he said.
"I tried messing up your hair and you ignored me," I pouted.
The Spanker Who Shall Remain Nameless pointed a finger at me, "Wait til we get back to the motel. I promise not to ignore you."
He was from the South and even the most luxurious hotel was a "motel" to him. It was part of his charm.
When he turned back to resume walking to his car, I kicked him in the backside again. What the heck..it was fun! But I could tell it was very annoying to him and that was something I didn't want to be. We had reached the car by this time and I was just about to apologize for kicking him when he took me by the shoulders.
"Oh no!" the other brat who was with us proclaimed, "here it comes!" She was laughing, perhaps because for once it wasn't her who was about to be publicly chastised.
Before I could conjure up a believable apology, The Spanker Who Shall Remain Nameless bent me over the hood of his car. I was aware of people around us and I remember some of them walked by and some actually stopped to watch.
The Spanker Who Shall Remain Nameless pulled up my coat, then my dress exposing white silken panties and nude thigh high stockings. I protested, "This isn't (the state he came from) this is Illinois! You could get arrested for this!"
The Spanker Who Shall Remain Nameless pulled off his best Tim Holt nasal twang and said, "It'll be a pleasure to go to jail for this!"
I heard laughter from our small audience. Then he started to spank me. Not the "oh this is a playful warm up" kind of spanking, Oh no. This was the "you've bratted me to the end of my patience and this is just a sample of what you're gonna get when we get back to the motel" kind of spanking. Not to put too fine a point on it, it really stung and I wasn't so sure he wouldn't lower my panties in public, too. But luckily for me he didn't. Luckily for him, no police were in the area.
All the while he scolded me for my behavior, both in the restaurant and out in the parking lot.
He reddened my bottom and I'm sure my other cheeks were blushing, too.
When he put my coat back down and gave me some conciliatory rubs, I can swear to this day I heard applause.
I got into the car with as much dignity as I could muster, while Cheryl and my brat friend laughed at my fake anger and mock indignity. And, of course, once we got back to the "motel", I got the rest of the spanking. Ahhhhhh....it was wonderful!

That's all for now...stay tuned for more "Cigi gets spanked in public" stories in the future!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Telling Stories

I know, I know...you have been checking this blog for a month waiting, just waiting, for Cigi to write more of her amazing pearls of wisdom. Well, I shall keep you waiting no longer.

I have a few scene friends who are writers of spanking fiction. Even my own sister has tried her hand at it, and done well I might add. But she is too shy to let anyone but me and a few other people read her stories. Now, I think my sister is a fantastic writer, but maybe I'm a bit biased. I cannot remember a time from our childhood where she didn't have a pencil in her hand writing something. In our years at school, her essay or book report was always held up as the correct way to write: every word spelled correctly and every dot, comma and semi-colon in it's place.
So why now, when she really has something to write about, doesn't she write about it? I have long wondered if maybe it was a question of keeping her innermost thoughts and fantasies to herself. Or maybe, now that she doesn't have to make things up about her spanking life, the thrill is gone from writing for her. If you have read her blog, you know she can write.

I myself have never sat down and tried to write a spanking story, fiction or non-fiction. This blog helps me when the urge to write hits me. I do promise that one day soon I will attempt a spanking story. Knowing several spankos who also write, is encouraging as well.

I am often reminded of something Cat Stevens said. Those of you who were around in the 70's knows who he is, right? Well, he said in an interview that he asked another British pop star (very famous at the time) how he should go about righting songs. He was told "Write about what you know. Don't try to write about things you don't know about." I have always kept that in mind. Now, even when you are writing something totally fiction I believe it must have a ring of truth and therefore at least a small shred of plausibility. Now, I don't know anything about rocket science, quantum theory (whatever the heck that is), or even road construction (all I know about road construction is that we have a lot of it going on here in Illinois). But I do know about spanking. You would think it would be a pretty easy thing for me to write a story about. But it's not. Because I have not even a shred of imagination, it's very difficult for me to write about something that didn't actually happen, if not to me then at least to someone else.

But I will give it a whirl...maybe I'll write about the time a Top I know put me over the hood of his car in the parking lot of a busy restaurant...how many of you would like to hear about that? :-)

That's all for tonight, children. Go to bed now!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Every Picture Tells A Story

For as long as I can remember I have been inexplicably drawn to spanking pictures. I can even remember the first spanking image that fascinated me. It was in kindergarten (this would have been 1965 for those of you old enough to remember that year lol). We were looking at our "Sally, Dick and Jane" books and one page completely captivated me. I completely forget the story, of course, but I will never forget the picture. It was a picture of the littlest kid, Sally, spanking her doll for some infraction. Every time my teacher, Mrs. Grimm (whose name fit her I assure you) would make us turn to another page, I would flip back to that one the minute it was safe to do so. Remember, it was 1965 and little girls still spanked their dolls because in 1965 you could still spank little girls and not have DCFS called on you.
Even now, 43 years later, I still remember that. While I don't recall the exact picture, I remember my preoccupation with that picture vividly. Since that time, other spanking pictures have caught my eye and my fascination.
A few years later, when I had discovered the wonders of the school library, I came across a book (I forget the title) that was actually a book of poems. I don't remember any other part of the poem except (of course) the part that talks about a spanking. I believe it was about the color red and mentioned some things that were red. It was beautifully illustrated. This certain picture featured a chubby-faced little girl (who looked suspiciously like Shirley Temple, no doubt the epitome of the perfect child at the time this book was written) with her little panties down and her bottom showing. The picture was a drawing and it was in black and white. As you might expect, the only color in the picture was this little girl's red bottom cheeks. A caption under the picture mentioned her "little spanking place" being red. Big, fat tears were emanating from her eyes. Another picture I was drawn to. I took that book out of the library again and again just to see that picture.
I remember in my high school yearbook from sophomore year (that would have been 1976 for those of you keeping score at home) there is a two-page pictorial called "Life At Central" (which was the high school I attended). We had a Christmas dance in the gym and, of course, we had to have mistletoe. However, some of the boys decided that, instead of kisses, any girl who got caught under the mistletoe would get spanks instead. There, on the second page, is an absolutely gorgeous picture of a typically dressed 1970's boy (T-shirt bearing the logo of the high school sports team and bell bottom blue jeans) with a typically dressed 1970's girl under his arm, his other arm in mid-air. Both boy and girl were smiling. I was at the party but stayed completely away from the mistletoe, as I was not yet ready for a spanking from the star pitcher of the high school baseball team, who, by the way, I had a huge crush on. This picture is one I go back to again and again. In fact, whenever I open that yearbook it falls right to that page that's how much I have stared at that picture. I knew both kids but the picture was still captivating. I am pretty sure the boy is a spanko. Only a spanko could come up with spanks instead of kisses for getting caught under the mistletoe. I'm also pretty sure he's the same boy who threw my sister, Cheryl, into the swimming pool our freshman year and called it her "initiation" into high school. Ahhhh memories!
I recently saw a picture on Devlin's blog of an old picture that has really captivated me. It is in black and white. As near as I can guess it is from the late 20's or maybe early 30's. It shows a woman with her dress up, bent over a love seat or something, being held down by a rather stern-faced man bearing a birch bundle. His sleeves are rolled up. Now, I think that picture is probably posed or something, at any rate there isn't a mark on the lady's bottom. Maybe the marks came later, but that picture captures my attention again for some odd reason. You can't see the lady's mouth but I have to believe she is smiling. I even use this particular picture for my screen saver. It is just a beautiful picture. And though there is nothing sexual going on, to me it is highly erotic. I think that's because I tend to think of birchings as very erotic. Anyway all the birchings I have ever gotten were wonderfully pleasurable experiences.
I tend to scan websites for nice spanking pictures and I also have some very nice ones that are actually of me. Some people seem to be drawn to the sounds of spanking. I am drawn more to the visual aspects of spanking. I sometimes wish I had eyes in the back of my head, so I could see the look on the face of the person who is spanking me.
I love to see spanking pictures though now, of course, my taste runs to men and women spanking each other and not little girls spanking their dolls. I guess I have grown up... a little!

That's all for tonight...have a great one everybody!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Current News

Since it's been a while since I blogged, I figured I would bring you up to date (since you're all obviously waiting with baited breath) on what's happening with me.

First of all, I managed to sleep through an earthquake. Can you believe it? We have an earthquake that registers 5.4 on the Richter Scale and neither Cheryl nor I woke up. I can see if I lived in California, where this is just considered a minor thing, but I live in Illinois and earthquakes are pretty rare. I thought 5.4 would be a pretty good shaking, but it didn't even knock our clock off the wall. I can sleep through an atomic bomb so I'm not surprised I slept through it. Not even an earthquake can make me get out of bed one minute before the alarm clock goes off.

Secondly, some of you know this and most of you don't. I have been fighting cancer for the last two years. I have had my ups and downs with it; going through chemotherapy, surgery to remove my cancerous right breast, 33 radiation treatments and continuing multiple drugs. I discovered early on that the cancer had spread to my bones.Three months ago I discovered the cancer had returned in the skin where my breast was. My surgeon left the extra skin so I could have reconstructive surgery. Now, that is out the window. I am on meds now and they seem to be working. I had a PET scan and it showed no spread to any of my organs. This was an immense relief.
Next Thursday I have an appointment with my oncologist to set up tests to find out if the lump in my left breast is also cancer. If it is, I will probably lose that breast too and have to have more chemo and more radiation.
I want to say right now that I am not posting this to get sympathy. Most of my friends in Crimson Moon know this has been an on-going battle. But there is probably going to be some major breaks in my blogging. I will try to keep everyone posted about how things are going with me.
I have been in two minds about posting about my health, mostly because this is supposed to be a blog about spanking, not about my health problems. But, as you may have noticed, I don't blog every day. In fact, there are some months where I only write one or two days. I still work full time (going to do this as long as I can) and I come home from work extremely tired. Sometimes all I can do is fall on the couch and eat if Cheryl forces me to. I am on some pretty strong meds, and quite frankly, sometimes I am just too loopy to write anything.
My spanking life is more important to me now, more than it's ever been, in fact. When someone tells you, "Life is too short for ______" believe them.
As I said, I will try to post as often as I can and I will certainly post updates for anyone who's interested. Right now all I can do is try to keep my positive attitude and ask you all to pray for me while I wait and find out what the verdict is.
I want to say that I appreciate you all as my friends and hope that this doesn't change your feelings about me. I have tried to be courageous and keep a positive attitude and my faith has been my strength through all this. But please don't think differently about me just because I'm ill. You'd really never know it to look at me, but I have been through the ringer with this and it looks like I may have to go through it again. Reading my friends' blogs keeps me laughing and laughter really is the best medicine.

That's all for tonight. Enjoy your evening! :-)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Just Say No...To Toys

I had a lot of fun at the recent Crimson Moon party, but during the course of the festivities a serious issue arose. How do you politely tell someone you don't want a certain toy used on you? At parties, I don't like to have too much wood used on me because wood isn't nearly as forgiving as leather. Wood can flat-out toast you in no time at all. Well, when I was busy waving my hand in the air agreeing to this game of Musical Chairs, I knew all the toys we would get spanked with were wood. I had no problem with that, because as the "winner" I only got two with everything. But when I was playing with another gentleman and I explained to him that I don't do wood at parties, he immediately came back with, "You took 15 strokes with that cane." How do you explain to someone (again politely) that you like the cane...wood paddles are just ok and then only in small doses? Plus by the time I'd taken 15 cane strokes my bottom was pretty well bruised and not in any shape for anything more than hand spanking. I thought this Top was kind of selfish. When a bottom declares a certain toy or a certain whole category of toys (like wood) off limits, that should be the end of it, don't you think? I couldn't believe this guy sounded a bit miffed when I told him, "Sorry, no wood." He agreed, of course, but I heard the disappointment in his voice. What's the big deal? Why should it matter what I want used and what I don't want used? It's my bottom, I get first and last say about what gets used on it. And, as I often explain to Tops, I only have one bottom and it has to last me the weekend. Do you think I have a spare hanging in the closet? Let me just slap that baby on and party on. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. I believe most Tops are courteous when it comes to saving some bottom for others and realizing that we still want to play after we play with them. But I have met Tops who didn't care which night of the party it was or who else I wanted to play with. Those are the Tops I call selfish.
But back to my original question: how do you let someone know, politely but emphatically, that they will not be using that toy or whatever on you? I have found that with some of them you have to throw polite, courteous and ladylike out the window. They will try to slip that toy in behind your back and then claim they didnt use it. Or they will try to just go against your wishes and use that wood anyway. Or if you say, "I am only up for hand spanking right now" and they try to talk you into "just a few with this strap" or "just a couple taps with this paddle". What do you say then? Well, since I have been known to be a bit of a big mouth, I have no problem asking, "What part of 'no wood' are you having a hard time understanding?" At the newbie orientation (which everyone attending their first Crimson Moon party must attend, even if they have been going to other's parties and spanking for years) I'm sure this issue is addressed when discussing "NO means NO". Are some people just not listening? Or do they listen but they figure the rules don't count for them? Or do they just not care? Like I often tell these guys, "Don't get into the habit of being someone who doesn't listen or seems like they don't care. We girls talk at parties and if word gets around that you aren't safe, your chances to play will very quickly dry up." And believe me, I talk at parties...and talk, and talk, and talk. It might sound like a small issue to some people and they might think "a few taps with that paddle can't hurt". But think about it. If you said "no" to something and then someone was able to sweet talk you into it anyway, what's next? Bottoms have to say "no" and then mean it. The rule says "No means no", not "no means no unless you can talk them into it". I want to make it clear right here that this particular Top gave me no problems when I said "no" to his offer of wood paddles. But I distinctly heard disappointment or maybe even anger in his voice. Of course, the Top should get enjoyment out of a session. But it's my bottom being spanked and if I don't want wood paddles used on it, that is that. And I shouldn't have to give him a college term paper length explanation about it, either.
Maybe there is something about me that brings out the "competitor" in some Tops. But that is their problem. The same as it's their problem when they tell me "you shouldn't wear those type of panties...I don't like them" or "you should wear a skirt instead of those jeans". Get over it! And get over yourself while you're at it. I don't dress for you...I dress for me. No one tells me how to dress or what to wear. Most of the people who spank me are quite happy to play with me, no matter what kind of panties I'm wearing or whether I'm wearing a dress or a pair of jeans.
So I guess what I'm trying to say is if you're a bottom and you don't want a certain toy used on you, you do have the right to speak up an say "NO!" And if you're a Top who gets told "no" to a certain toy, that is the end of the discussion as far as I'm concerned.
I guess I probably blew that little scenario way, way out of proportion. But it does happen enough times that I wanted to vent about it.

Thanks and have a great evening!

Monday, March 31, 2008

It's My Party

Hello, All---
As promised here is a long, boring ramble about my adventures this past weekend in Chicago.
First of all, getting ready went down to the wire this time. I had to work very, very late Thursday night and I had a lot to get done before I left the next morning. I had to pack and clean my apartment and attend to some personal errands the next morning, so it really was a chase to the eleventh hour. Luckily, I had made arrangements for the care of my two "babies", my cats Cricket and Lolita and I didn't have to worry about that.
The drive was absolutely beautiful; the weather was sunny if cold. We got there early before we hit the Friday Chicago traffic. In fact, we got to the hotel so early that there was time for a nice nap before going down to the party room to see who was available to play. I roomed with three other girls this time. Can you imagine four brats sharing the same room? That room saw a lot of spanking action, let me tell you. If the walls could only talk!
After my nap, I got showered and changed and went downstairs to see who might be up for some playtime. To my surprise, everyone was just sitting around and talking; catching up with each other. It had been about five months since most of us had seen each other and we wanted to know what was going on with them.
This party was smaller than I thought it would be but that turned out to be ok. I didn't play that much the first night but I went for quality over quantity anyway. The three or four times I played were all first rate spanking sessions.
The first person I played with was new to Crimson Moon and this was his first party. He was not, however, new to spanking as he proved to me. He was a wonderful Top, who insisted on knowing my safeword and who actually wanted to sit down and talk to me first. I would have insisted on it if he hadn't. What a nice spanking that was. :-)
I played with a couple of new people at this party and I really enjoyed it. Playing with new people can be risky...either you're on the same page or you aren't. Sometimes it takes a while to get on the same page and sometimes you never really do. Luckily I was on the same page as everyone I played with. Of course, there were people I wanted to play with and it just didn't happen. This happens at most parties for me. For me the real fun took place on Saturday night. Starting with a great breakfast at a really nice restaurant. I try to preserve my bottom the first night of a party; I try to take very good care of it. That's because on Saturday I am out to play for real. I went out of my way to find the good strappers and caners. We also had some "Fun and Games" on Saturday night. First, we played musical chairs. There were six of us and five chairs, of course. I "won" but I didn't feel too much like a winner when I was told what I "won." There were five different paddles on the table; from a little thin one to a huge sorority paddle. I "won" two swats with each paddle and then five with a hairbrush. I told the girl I beat out that I would let her "win" next time. Actually, I won a very nice prize not just the swats. After that, we played a dice game. You rolled one to determine the number of swats you got (from 5 to 30) and the other one you rolled to determine the implement you would get your swats with: cane, hairbrush, paddle, strap, hand, etc. The first time I rolled the dice it came up 30 with the hairbrush. The guy who was Master of Ceremonies let me roll "2 outta 3" because he knew I hated hairbrushes. It came up hairbrush every time, so I just decided to take my 30 with the hairbrush. Luckily, we could choose our own Top. I chose one who I knew would not go crazy with the hairbrush. He told me, "You'll get 30 medium ones." What I ended up getting was 30 extremely light ones. I got over his knee and he started with the hairbrush. Of course, the party goers who were watching were trying to make him lose count by miscounting the swats, but luckily he kept track. Almost every female bottom (and one male one) came up and rolled the dice. I went up twice because I felt lucky. Having two days to look back on it, I can ask myself this one question: Cigi, are you absolutely crazy? I arrogantly rolled the dice and ended up with 15. Again, I ended up with the hairbrush. But the MC told me, "You can pick your own implement." I chose the cane. And I let the MC deliver the cane strokes. I took the 15 strokes on the seat of my underwear. The strokes were hard, just how I like it. It was one of the really good things I found out at this party: that my tolerance wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I took a very hard caning and some unbelievably hard strapping. My tolerance was just fine. But after that caning, I was almost done for the night. But there were a few people I just had to play with; sore bottom or not. My pal Doc Ken was one of them. I got a very nice spanking from him in my room. I hope he doesn't mind that I mentioned him by name, but he gave me one of the nicest spankings of the weekend. And, of course, we had nice conversation, too. This party was so much fun in so many ways. Even though the Top I was looking forward to playing with didn't show up, I still had a great time. This was a smaller party but there were still plenty of people to play with. At bigger parties, you really don't have time to play with everyone. But at smaller parties, you can really take the time and play with everyone you want to. I even took the time for a shopping expedition, which is a first. Usually I don't want to "waste" good party time shopping, but at this party I knew I'd get to everyone eventually. There was just one person I didn't get to play with that I really wanted to and they know I'll get to them at the next party. When my sister Cheryl and I decided it was time to call it a party, we headed back to our room. Now, I didn't hear any spanking sounds and the "Do Not Disturb" sign wasn't in place, but when we walked in the door there was our other roommate getting a spanking from a man I had wanted to play with for the last three parties but never had the courage to ask. But we watched him spank our roommate and were just mesmerized. He had the most wonderful hands for spanking and he was actually a very nice guy. Perhaps that didn't come across at other parties, but he was very happy to sit down and talk to us and answer our questions about his spanking experience. Then, my "shy" sister spoke up and said, "Can I have some of that next?" He smiled, blushed and told her he would be "honored". My friend was barely off his lap before Cheryl happily took her place over his knee. Little did he know, he would have two more bottoms to spank before he left our room. I had to totally change my opinion of this guy. I had asked him to play at a party last year and he told me he was getting ready to play with someone else. I took this to mean "Buzz off and leave me alone" even though he had been polite when he turned me down. But Saturday night, he was sort of captive in my hotel room. Now I would have accepted it gracefully if he had said "no" this time, but I would have been disappointed to be turned down after seeing his wonderful spanking technique. But he was very happy with our attention and he spanked us enthusiastically. He had a big shit-eating grin on his face the whole time, I noticed. It was such a nice way to end a party. I went to sleep that night (on my stomach of course) and slept like a baby. I hate saying goodbye to people after a party, so it was a good thing we left pretty early on Sunday morning. We were on the road by 8:00. Almost all the people on our floor were CM people and I didn't hear anyone else stirring but us. Luckily, I said my "goodbyes" the night before. My only real complaint is that (once again) they put me in a room by the elevator and I had to hear "ding ding" every five seconds while I was trying to sleep. Once I got to sleep, it didn't bother me. But it could be annoying before that. The hotel where our party was at was very comfortable. The beds were so warm and comfy; you couldn't help but drift right off to sleep. The rooms that had sofas were really great. I'm glad ours had one. They are just perfect for spanking. You can really stretch out across your spanker's knee and concentrate on the spanking instead of what an uncomfortable position you are in. The beds were comfy but they seemed tall. I'm not a short person and I have pretty long legs, but I had to "climb" up onto the beds to lay across them for strapping and caning. It was a minor inconvenience at the most. To my surprise (and somewhat to my disappointment) I didn't really brat that much at this party. I thought I would have plenty of opportunity, but many of the male Tops there just didn't get into the bratting so I had to respect that. I was content to just ask if someone wanted to play. It was still fun. I got off a few smart ass comments, but I paid for them. The food was good at this party and they offered plenty of chocolate for those of us who consider it a food group. All in all, another great Crimson Moon effort. I love the hotel and I think they like us, too. We are a discreet group and we are well-behaved and courteous of other guests.
The drive home was interesting. My bottom smarted every time we hit a bump or a pothole, which Illinois is known for. And, of course, the orange construction cone is our state flower. lol
I took some great pictures at this party. To respect the privacy of others at the parties, I don't post party pictures anywhere on the Internet. The pictures are solely for my own enjoyment. I think some people forget at parties that you don't just take out your camera and start snapping away. In most groups, you have to get the permission of everyone who might be in the picture before you take a picture. I assure you I had the permission of everyone I took a picture of before I took them. I just have to organize them and I have a lot of them.
I know some of this may not make sense or seems disjointed but I just am writing this off the top of my head and haven't really taken the time to organize my thoughts. I am still too floaty and happy from the weekend to care. :-)
Now real life beckons...and I must go.

Have a nice evening everyone and maybe I'll post a little more about this party at a later date. For now, that's all.