Friday, May 15, 2009

Common Courtesy

You know, in the 21st century, this day and age of "text me" communication it seems as if common courtesy has gone straight out the window. It's like no one knows how to hold a conversation anymore. How many times have you been talking to someone who (when the conversation was over) didn't even say goodbye to you? It seems like the way to say "goodbye" now is to simply flip your phone closed. End of conversation. It's the same when chatting online too it seems. Lately I have had way, way too many chats that just ended with me hanging in the breeze until I finally get the message that the person I am chatting with is no longer interested. Usually this is a person who looked me up to chat, not the other way around. Whatever happened to "well, I have to go now. We'll chat later ok"? I know a lot of people have two or three (or more!) chats going at once and they forget about one of them sooner or later. I think this behavior is rude. I never engage in more than one chat at a time for exactly that reason. In the scene, it seems to be all to common. Some guy will look me up and then make me play the "Waiting Game"; you know the one. Or they look you up to chat and then you have to do most of the conversing while they answer every message with "cool" (or worse "kewl"), "absolutely" or "LOL". You can't get any information from them and they looked you up to chat. What is wrong with this picture? Have we forgotten how to communicate, which is so important in the spanking scene? I personally hate what I call "text message English", where someone writes "How r u?" instead of taking the time to type "How are you?" We aren't in high school are we?
In my opinion anyone who writes like this during a chat or on a message board should receive twenty swats with my brand new paddle. Maybe it shows my bias, but I think it shows bad manners and poor English skills when someone writes this way in email or chat or what have you.
It's pretty much the reason I am the only person on the face of the earth who doesn't have a cell phone.
Well, I just had to get that off my chest. I'm sorry it's been so long since I blogged; I have had health issues that prevented me from doing so. I hope to get back in the swing and stop neglecting my poor blog from now on. Maybe I'm the one who needs twenty swats with my new paddle? :)

Cigi has left the building...
As always, play safe and play nice, kiddies!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spanking On TV...I Wish

Are you like me and miss the "good ol' days" when spanking was seen on an at least semi-regular basis? I don't watch much network television I will admit to that, but it seems the "spanking reference" (as I call it) has made a comeback. I don't really like spanking threats but if that's all you're offered you take what you can get, right?

My favorite show the last few years has been "NCIS"; the show about the Naval Investigative Service. Not likely to have a spanking on that show, right? Well, a girl can dream can't she? I think there is at least one character that can be called "one of us". If you watch the show at all you know I'm talking about "the Goth chick"; Abby. The girl is kinky. Come on...she wears a collar (usually leather), short plaid or leather skirts, high heeled boots, sports tattoos and tops it all off with little girl pigtails or braids. If this girl isn't begging for a spanking, I don't know who is.

To my mind she is begging for someone to take her over their knee and give her that spanking she wants so desperately. But who? To me there is only one logical though politically incorrect choice: her boss, Agent Gibbs played by Mark Harmon. Girls, please...who wouldn't want to get spanked by this hunk and former People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive winner? Doesn't matter if he isn't a I said, a girl can dream, can't she?

For those who like that kind of thing (and it looks like Abby does), he is appropriately dominant, has a past with some of the women he has worked with and, most importantly, isn't above slapping the male agents in the back of the head. Abby wants that slap...just a little lower down in my opinion. I think Abby has a huge father figure thing for Gibbs and at times her behavior seems purposely irritating. We in the scene call that bratting. Oh how I wish Gibbs would accommodate the beautiful girl (who stands 5' 10" and has legs to die for) who obviously wouldn't mind being manhandled in this way.
I can think of all kinds of shows where the female lead could use a good spanking from the male lead. My other favorite TV shows are two "Law and Order" spin offs; "Criminal Intent" (which now features the hunky brainiac Jeff Goldblum) and "Special Victims Unit", which features Chris Maloni; another hunk who always appears with his sleeves rolled up and blue eyes blazing...ah, if only he would take the lovely Mariska Hargitay across his knee...I think a spanking scene between the two of them would be so incredibly hot.

Is it just me or did it get hot in here all of a sudden? You know, as they say, I may not know art but I know what I like. I don't think I'll ever see Abby get her wish but fantasies are so much fun...

Be sure to let me know who you think could use (or at least wants) a spanking on TV...

That's all for nice and play safe, Kiddies!

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Moving On...But Staying The Same

I have been thinking a lot about this lately. Why does it seem like all my scene friends are moving on and I feel like I've been left behind? I have tried a lot of things in the scene but I have always come back to spanking; my first true love. So why do I feel like I don't belong? Why do I feel like I don't fit in; even with other spankos? So many of the tops I have played with are now into other things besides spanking, they are exploring other things and that's fine. But they seem to have forgotten about their spanko friends. One top spanks so well but right now he seems to be more into other BDSM interests. A female switch friend (a dear, dear friend) announced she is no longer going to attend spanking parties, except the ones she organizes for her own group. I was so saddened to hear this.The thought of only see her twice a year (and that's if I can make both parties) makes me feel lost.

I know you can try other things and still remain a spanko. I did it. But I hope my friends who want to experiment with things other than spanking come back to it like I did and for the same reason; it's their true love.

Sorry this is so short but it's late and I have to get to bed now.

That's all for now. Play safe and play nice, Kiddies!