Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

This is the day every year when people eat, watch football and give thanks; pretty much in that order. This includes me, of course. But the last few years I have had so much to be thankful for and I don't "give thanks" nearly as often as I should. Nor do I "give thanks" to Him who deserves it the most.
This year, as every year, I am thankful for one more year of being here with my family and friends. I am thankful that cancer hasn't beaten me yet and still hope for a day when it won't.
I am thankful to my doctors and the nurses who take care of me and my surgeons, etc. But I am also thankful to my scene friends who have been so encouraging and inspirational, making me laugh and cry and just being here for me in so many ways.
So today, before we start passing around the sweet potatoes and the turkey and stuffing, let's take a moment to bow our heads and give thanks to the One who has made everything possible. If, like me, you are feeling just a bit more thankful than on other days, thank the Lord sincerely for everything you have.
That, I promise, will be my one and only sermon of the year. Now, pass me the turkey!
Happy Thanksgiving to all my blog buddies and scene friends! You all mean the world to me.
That's all for now, Kiddies. Play nice and play safe!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Sincere Apology

I am so very sorry that I missed Love Our Lurkers Day. I do have a good excuse...I was in the doctor's office for what seemed like half the day. So, in keeping with my "better late than never" attitude about life in general, I am inviting all my lurkers, whoever you may be, to please leave a comment. I know that just because people don't leave comments doesn't mean they haven't visited but today (and every day) please feel free to leave a comment. It can be about anything or any of my can be that you like my blog or hate it...that you agree with my opinions or disagree with them. It could be that you'd like to use this paddle on my bottom for missing such an important day in Blogland. Whatever you would like to comment on please do!
And next year I will do better and post on the actual day I am supposed to...geesh.

That's it for nice and play safe, Kiddies...or else!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

October Crimson Moon Party Pt. II

The Chicago Crimson Moon party this October was very fun. The first night of the party fell on Halloween night, which made it very interesting.
We are getting used to the new hotel (we've changed hotels several times in the last few years) and they are getting used to us. I believe they know what we do and as long as we are discreet and well behaved, they don't mind us being there.
As you can see, it didn't take me long to correct my name tag. I took a marker and crossed out my "bottom" designation and wrote "switch". I had a blast. I had play sessions that were spur of the moment and I had some that were planned earlier, but they were all fun in their own way.
As I stated in my earlier post, I shared a room with three other women (my sister and two friends) and it really worked out well. You would think having four women in a room there would be mass chaos but there wasn't. We were very respectful of each other and each other's scenes, etc. The only bad part, of course, was only having one shower. lol
The weekend seemed to go by so fast. You get there as early as you can Friday and stay as late as possible on Sunday and it still seems to fly by. I had the chance for some more play in Sunday morning, but I didn't get out of bed in time. It was a shame, too because I had really wanted to play with this guy.
I think sometimes the best times are driving to the party. The anticipation is so high; you wonder who is going to be there (besides the people you all ready know about) and you wonder how your sessions are going to go. You hope the party will be fun and, of course, you wonder if you might actually meet someone you really like there, too. A lot of couples I know met at spanking parties.
On Saturday morning, we had breakfast and then went back to sleep for a while. At least, that is what I did. Cheryl decided to try to find some play, even though she had no make up on and wasn't in her party clothes yet. I slept for awhile and then grabbed a shower, dressed and wondered to the party suite where my sister was getting caned by a darling man from Texas whom we both love. I couldn't resist the urge to take pictures but I ended up using my digital camera to make a mini video instead. It turned out really great.
There were new people from Ohio that I was really glad to meet. The party was the first for her, I'm not sure about him. But I'm glad I got to play with him (he was a great spanker!) and I'm glad I could suggest and introduce her to her first spanker besides the man she was with. She was very shy even though she watched me get spanked first. But we all left the room and gave them some privacy. She assured me she really enjoyed the spanking, but she didn't go into detail and, as a courtesy, I didn't ask. It was none of my business.
The weather was really cooperative with us this time. I think it was about 75 degrees both days; just lovely weather. I think next weekend, when we attend the Our Need and Desire party we won't get so lucky.
This will be the first time I have attended spanking parties so close together. I think I saved my bottom pretty well and made sure I didn't have any marks that might still be there two weeks later.
I think that party will be fun, too. How can a spanking party not be fun? I have been going for almost six years and I have never had a party I didn't have fun at. Oh I have been to ones that were not as much fun as others, or where something happened that bummed me out, but all in all I've enjoyed every party I've ever been to. And this will be a chance to go to another group's party and meet new people in a smaller party setting.
Saturday really went by in a blur. It seemed I was playing constantly, whether it was topping or bottoming. I think I've come along as a Top but I am still primarily a bottom. That is the selfish side of me; the side that wants to feel all the delicious toys. The Top side of me wants to give that pleasure back to others.
The last play of the party was very special for me. A certain Top who attends parties had told me he loves to strap a girl wearing tight jeans; no bare bottom activity, all the strapping would be done over jeans. I was intrigued by that idea so I asked him if he'd like to try it with me. It took us about two minutes to get to his room. He unloaded all his straps (and most of mine) on me. It was so nice to get that hard, hard strapping right before bed. He used his hand to spank me at the very end, to help as a cool down and to ramp down the endorphins. I was so floaty when we finished I couldn't get up right away...he smiled. He knew he had done his job.
All I could do was go to bed and get some sleep. I usually always sleep later the morning we are leaving than I do on Saturday morning, unless we are leaving at some ungodly hour. But this time we were in no hurry so I slept until 10:00, with Cheryl telling me every half hour to get up. I finally did, of course, and we packed and then there were all those goodbyes to say. That is the part I hate the most; saying goodbye to everyone.
Cheryl and I talked a lot on the way home and discussed our favorite sessions and our favorite people. I sure hope a few people mentioned us as favorites on the way home. I know I had a nice warm, sore bottom to remind me of the fun I had. I can't wait for the next one!
That is about all, nice and play safe everyone!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

October Crimson Moon Party Report

Returned Sunday from the Halloween Crimson Moon Party and I have to say it was a lot of fun. We had a lot of new, fun people come and most of them were young.
If you are wondering why I chose to put a picture of a hotel room door here, I want to tell you this isn't just any ol' hotel room door. This was the doorway that led to FUN! Oh, I looks just like any other hotel room thousands of others. And if someone else had been staying there, you would be right. But there were four fun girl brats staying there and that meant the room was fun and always had spanking going on. If those walls could talk!!!
First, the person who drove us to the party arrived a day early and we had some play time Thursday night. That made it like a three-day party for Cheryl and I. The next morning we left about 11:00 and had a beautiful drive there. When we got to the hotel we saw many "Moonies" there and had to stop and say hello even before we checked in or had our bags in our room. When we did get checked in and settled into our room I did my usual "an hour and a shower" routine where I rest for an hour, grab a shower, get into party clothes and then hit the party rooms looking for play.
The first person I played with was a gentleman who I have known for five years now. He and I both switch but this time I topped him. It was very enjoyable. There were a lot of good spankers at this party so I spent most of it bottoming. Can you blame a girl?
On Friday night they fed us pasta, bread and salad. It was pretty good, along with drinks, etc. Another member brought her by now famous cheese ball both nights. Halloween night was also the birthday of a very beloved member of our group and he got cake and had "Happy Birthday" sung to him. Many of us offered to take his birthday spanking, which I did.
As I mentioned, we had some new members come to this party, many of them young people. That is always so nice to see, and you know the future of the group is going to be in good hands. There were two couples there who were pretty young and quite new to spanking. By the time Saturday night came around they all had a lot more experience.
I played a lot at this party. I am a gourmet and I usually only play with people who are exceptional spankers or who at least show potential. Now, I am not a snob. I have offered my bottom for "target practice" to many new Tops and have helped in their training. But this time if a Top just didn't look like he would interest me, I passed. There were more than enough Tops at this party that I could be choosy. I had purchased many new toys since the Summer Party in July (to be exact: three new leather straps, two new wood paddles and two new canes) and, of course, I wanted to take them for a test drive. And I wanted to use them on other people, too. I loaned them to a few Tops for use on other bottoms and...well come to think of it, now I think I know why some of the girls didn't talk to me for a while. lol
I also enjoyed spanking one of my roommates. Another roommate took a video with her digital camera, which I can't wait to see. We spent the weekend making little videos instead of taking so many pictures. I know it takes up a lot of room on the memory card but what do they cost? $25 or $30? Well worth it to keep memories on film.
On Saturday most of the partiers dressed in costume. Even though Friday night was Halloween, tradition was adhered to and the costumes came out on Saturday night. The eats were very good on Saturday, too. Homemade beef stew, which we could smell slow cooking to the end of the hall, more bread, salad and lots of desserts. There was also a lot more spanking.
I missed some friends this time around, Purple Angel and some others. But I will be seeing a few of them in a few weeks at the Our Need and Desire party, which Purple Angel hosts.
My tolerance was off the charts at this party. I took more hard spanking, strapping, caning and paddling than I can remember taking at a party for a good while. But my bottom isn't in bad shape today, two days after getting home. Everyone took care of me by giving me a great warm up and wonderful aftercare.
I missed a few Tops I wanted to play with, too, such as my blog buddy, Dr. Ken. I talked to him a few times, but he seemed a bit busy this time. I'm sure it was all those girls who had a thing for a man in uniform...which I do, even if it is a Star Trek TNG uniform. And, Ken, why only 2 ingots? (or whatever those little buttons are called) you should have put on 4 and gone as Captain Picard. Whether you had 2 or 4 you were certainly handsome in your costume.
But I could never let a party go without playing with probably one of my all time favorite Tops, Tubaman from Texas. He is funny and a great spanker...with a wonderful sense of humor. He and his wife are great friends of mine.
Well, that about wraps up this part of my looking in a few days for part II of my report about the Crimson Moon party...
That's all for safe and play nice, Kiddies!