Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Serious Subject

Getting ready for a spanking party takes a lot of planning for a girl. You have to figure out how many outfits to take and how much this and that your suitcases can hold. And of course you have to pack your toys.

But there is one thing I absolutely positively never go to a spanking party without and that is my First Aid Kit. All it contains is a tube of arnica cream, a tube of Neosporin (the kind that has a pain reliever as well), a package of oversized Band Aids and some Q-tips for applying the Neosporin. Of course, keep the Q-tips in a separate little bag to keep them sanitary. I carry this in a little clear plastic make up bag I bought at Walgreens for about $1.50.

I believe a bottom should always carry their own aftercare products. You can't always count on a Top having arnica or Band Aids if they are needed. Most of them will carry lotion but that is about all. When you have bruises or broken or abraded skin, lotion is useless.
I know we all like to think that spanking is this fun activity, and it is. But some of us play at a level that is more likely to result in broken skin or bruises. You have to be prepared for anything. Most Tops are mortified when they see that you have broken skin or that the lovely strap they just strapped you with 100 times has abraded the skin. But I know a few who I would swear do it on purpose. But that is a story for another post.
It was a wise bottom who told me at my first party not to come to a spanking party without the items I mentioned. She was right and I have thanked her after each party for her sound advice.
Ice from the hotel ice machine also works on welts and surface bruising. It also feels very good on a hot bottom.
A lot of bottoms have asked me about arnica. I am one of the bottoms who swears by it. Others are skeptical but I know it works for me. It is available in tablet form, a gel and cream. I prefer the cream because it's less sticky and stings less going on than the gel.
It's nice to lay there and just get your bottom rubbed with arnica. But you can't just rub it on like you do lotion. It has to be worked deep into the muscles, almost like kneading bread dough. In the meantime, it also rubs out those hard spots you get from a wood paddle. It takes time and patience but it can be done. Do this every time you have a hard session and again before bed. When you wake up, most if not all of the bruising should be gone.The arnica should be allowed to soak into the skin completely before you play again or be prepared for a very stingy surprise. I've also found a nice herbal hot pack of lavender and red raspberry works on light bruising. It's relaxing, too.
I've never had a major injury but I've had cuts and bruises and welts. You need to take care of them as you would if the injury was on your finger. Don't ignore it thinking when you soap down during your daily hot shower that will be enough. Make sure you are keeping any injury where blood was drawn covered and sterile until a scab forms.
What I hate is that itchy phase that comes a few days after abraded skin starts healing. Keep your skin hydrated with plenty of Vitamin E or Aloe Vera lotion. That should keep the itching to a minimum.
Also, drink plenty of water if you are bruised. It flushes the by products of broken red blood cells out of your system as the bruises heal. I was very deeply bruised only once in the five years I have been in the scene. The bruises were not just surface stuff, either. Each cheek was bruised from top to bottom and from left hip to right hip. I have never to this day figured out why I bruised to badly. But the bruises took two months to heal completely. I know that couldn't have been good for my body.
So when we say "play safe" it is more than just playing safe, sane and consensual. It means taking along whatever you might need if you play a little too hard. Remember accidents happen and they happen to everyone.
Have fun but be prepared.

That's all for now...hope this makes sense to everyone. I'm kinda tired tonight. But with a party coming up it made sense to remind myself and my spanking friends about this all important point.

Have a great night everyone!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Opinion on an old Topic

I have seen just about everyone blog about this subject...the all important subject to female spankees. Yes, I am talking about panties.
I just recently found a great sale (and by great I mean GR8...$14.00 panties for $2.00...does it get better than that, ladies?) so I bought like 15 or 20 pairs. Now I have to go through my undie drawer and get rid of about that many pairs. The trouble with that is that some of those panties have sentimental value. How do you get rid of the panties you were wearing the first time a special person spanked you? How do you get rid of a pair of panties that you wore to your first spanking party? My answer: you don't. You wait until your sister is at work and you get rid of her panties. This sounds fair to me. lol Of course, I'm not going to do that but you have to draw the line at how many freakin' pairs of panties two people need. Cheryl used to work at a higher end department store so she was always bringing home cute jeans and tops and, of course, panties. I finally had to tell her, "No more panties. We have enough!" Of course her reply was always the same..."A spanking girl can't have too many pairs of cute panties." She's right, darn it.
When I first got into the scene, I naturally went for lacy, virginal panties. All my panties were lacy and delicate. After having several pairs of very expensive panties torn by over-eager Tops, and finding that lacy panties aren't all that comfortable, I decided to go with cute instead of sexy. I know you are all just dying to know about my panties, but this is something that us girls think about. Some Tops like cute panties and will make a big show of pulling them down after spanking on them for a prolonged period of time. Others do what I call the "yank and spank"...they don't care what kind of panties you are wearing and usually barely notice. All they know is that your panties are in the way of the real prize for them...your bare bottom.
And don't even get me started on Tops who dislike thongs...ahhh, too late. Apologies to Dev but I do own some thongs and I do wear them occasionally because some Tops find them very hot. One top told me, "It's all about how a nice thong frames a pretty bottom"...or some such nonsense. I like to wear a thong under a pretty dress with thigh high stockings. When a Top is spanking me and he goes to lift my dress, he gets a surprise...a bare bottom where a pair a panties usually is. I had one Top accuse me of trying to give him a heart attack in this manner. Talk about high praise! lol
I remember saying in another post that I don't have what I call a "spanking wardrobe" but I do splurge on panties. Well, with the sale I found, I didn't have to splurge.
I'm going back to tomorrow for the bath towels they have on sale. :)

That's all for now...Cigi has left the building. Goodnight, All!