Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Toys!

Yesterday was a day off from work so I lounged around in pj's most of the day. That is until about 11:30 when I heard a knock knock at my door. I told Cheryl, "That sounds like a knock knock at the door!" She is always accusing me of hearing someone at the door when there is no one there but this time there was. Well, not someONE but someTHING. It was an innocent-looking box marked priority mail and I knew exactly what was in it even before I saw the return address.

My new toys were here! Don't you just love getting new spanking toys? Mine came from the source of all my leather toys: The London Tanners in Florida. Opening the box and unwrapping those lovely pieces of leather made me feel like that six-year-old girl who unwrapped the Easy Bake Oven many Christmases ago. And like the girl who couldn't wait to make my Dad a cake, I couldn't wait to feel what my new toys felt like. Now, I have no man in my life at the moment and no prospects of play until probably the weekend after next. How can you expect a girl to wait that long? Well, to make a long story short, I didn't....

Now, I tell everyone who is dumb enough to ask that my sister and I don't spank each other. I get that question a lot, usually from people who have watched too many videos or read too much spanking fiction. In other words, get on the next train to the Real World. In the Real World, sisters (even ones in the spanking scene) don't spank each other...that would be icky. But I wanted to feel what my new toys felt like and so did Cheryl, so we agreed for the sake of just getting a feel for our new toys, we would do it just this one time. A few swats with each one, just to get a feel for the two straps we purchased. In short, they felt lovely and I can't wait to bring them to the next parties I am attending; the Crimson Moon party in October and the Our Need and Desire party in mid-November.

I can't wait to have them really used on me and to use them on others, of course. Such wonderfully luscious leather should be shared with others. If I knew how to insert a picture on this darn thing, I would include pictures of my new toys, but alas, you'll just have to come to a party and see them for yourself! :)

That's all for now....
Play safe and play nice, Kiddies!


Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Spanking Neighbors

About a month ago, Dr. Ken wrote a fictitious story about hearing his neighbors in spanking play. He had me spellbound until he admitted it was just a made up story.

Well, I have a "spanking neighbors" story to tell and mine is totally true. It occurred about four years ago in the neighborhood I used to live in. I was living in the house I grew up in at the time. I was driving home from a long, hard day at work one Friday night. I wasn't particularly thinking about anything, just kind of listening to the radio in my car humming the tune. Traffic wasn't too bad that time of night (it was late...about 11:30 pm) so it didn't take long to make the turn into my neighborhood. As I came around the corner and turned onto the cul de sac I lived on, I happened to slow down at the end of the block, preparing for the curve that was coming. I slowed down enough to see my neighbors (they lived only four doors down from my house) through opened curtains in the living room. She was dressed in a multi-colored print sundress with her hair pulled back in a loose ponytail. He was dressed in a golf shirt and shorts. I was drawn to them. Now, I am no voyeur or anything, but something about this scene got on my "spanking radar". Sure enough, he sat down beside her on the sofa and before my mind could even register it, he pulled her sternly over his knee. But, I noticed she was smiling. I think they obviously forgot they hadn't drawn the curtains. I only saw him spank her on her dress because a car came up behind me and honked at me to get moving, so I never saw the whole scene. The next Friday I dashed home, hoping this was an every Friday night thing, but to my disappointment, they remembered to close the curtains.

I never did find out if that only happened once or if I did indeed have "spanking neighbors". I tend to want to believe they played spanking games all the time. I also like to believe they may have been walking down the street, hand in hand, one sunny afternoon and heard spanking noises coming from my house and were inspired. I assure you I always remembered to pull down my blinds whenever I had "company" over.

At any rate, there was just something about this scene that was very alluring. Maybe it was that dress and her bare legs and feet. Or maybe it was the way he took over his knee so masterfully, with that stern look on his face. I don't know what it was but it worked for me on every level. Soon after that, I moved to where I live now. I often wonder about those people and if they still have spanking games. They were both young and attractive and I would often wave to them as I drove by if they were outside. I brought them a plate of cookies when they moved into the neighborhood and they were very appreciative and gracious to me. But I wonder if they know that was me who watched them that Friday night; a witness to something I was not unfamiliar with and of which I definitely approved.

For those who just have to know every detail, all I saw him spank her with was his hand, but it seemed good and solid to me; not wimpy or unsure of himself. And, she was smiling the entire time I watched them. The one thing I will admit to was that I had to stifle the urge to run to the door, knock and ask if I could be next!

That's all for now, safe and play nice!