Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Stories From July CM Party

Have you ever been to a party or had a private play date that was so special you didn't want it to end? I know most of us hate when that special spanking time ends, but I had a particularly hard time with this party. While I didn't have the usual post party letdown (mostly because I spent yesterday getting spanked by a very nice new top I met at the party) when we actually got in the car to leave, it seemed like I had a cloud over my head. As I stated earlier, I was torn between wanting the party to last another day and getting home to my "babies"; my two kitties, Cricket and Lolita.
I had some really special sessions at this party, mostly because of the vendor fair where people buy new toys and are anxious to find someone to use them on or be spanked with them. In my case, it was both. I had limited funds this time and had to stick to what I had decided to buy before the party.
Several other Tops asked me to allow them to use my bottom for the purpose of trying out new toys. I was happy to accommodate them.
Apparently, while I was busy shopping, the brats had decided to designate one of the chairs in the room as the "elected chair". If you sit on it, you "elect" to take a spanking. It was naughty of those brats not to let me in on this until after I had sat down on the chair. Of course, I was immediately spanked, first by one top and then by another who was selling his wears at the vendor fair. You might guess who he is when I tell you what he used on me: the Canadian Prison Strap. This thing was nasty and evil, but felt good, too. I had a good tolerance for this party but I could only take about ten or so with this thing. That attests to how nasty it is. I also got a pretty good caning from him, too as well as tips on how to cane correctly. I guess he couldn't stand to watch me make a botch of it with a male bottom so he offered me tips, which I appreciated.
Being caned by this guy is just awesome. You haven't lived, ladies, until you've been caned by a real English disciplinarian. I was on the bed on all fours, elbows on the bed and bottom raised high in the air. This stretches the skin of your bottom and makes the cane strokes that much more effective. Of course, I love the cane so it was very intoxicating for me. To me, the cane is the most erotic implement in the world. The sensation is just so different from any other spanking toy. And, of course, we don't ever call a cane a "toy" because it's not a toy. The cane tends to "separate the men from the boys" so to speak.
So I loved getting spanked with all kinds of new toys, including a rug beater. This has the sting of the cane but not the afterburn. It is an interesting sensation. I also got to feel a loopy johnny made out of some sort of mesh material. It had a ring around it so you could widen or shorten the loop, giving all kinds of different sensations.
I played with a lot of people this time, as you might expect at a three-day party. But I also saved my bottom so I wasn't completely toasted for the ride home.
The weather cooperated, for the most part, especially Friday. It was simply gorgeous outside but how would I know? I stayed inside the whole weekend. Everything I wanted was in the hotel so why leave? lol
I have found that I really enjoy spanking play in the morning, right after breakfast. I don't really know why this is. My bottom is usually pretty tender after playing the night before. But there is just something about playing when you are still a little sleepy that I find really enjoyable.
I didn't get to see the School Room scene, but then school room scenes aren't my thing. I had enough of them when I was really in school! lol But one of my favorite lady tops conducts the school room and I wanted to at least stop by. But, of course, as often happens, I lost track of time and totally missed it.
And, of course, I made sure to get spanked by my blog pal, Dr. Ken. He used my new clothes brush on me and I can vouch for how stingy it is. But the bristle side feels good on a spanked bottom.
So that is this report about my adventures at the July CM party. I might add more later...or I might keep the rest of it to myself...who knows??? lol

That's all for now, kiddies. Play safe and play nice!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

July Crimson Moon Party Report

Sorry it has taken so long to write about what was probably the most fun party I have ever attended but real life kind of got in the way after arriving home.
First, the drive up was really fun. Three girls in a rented car on their way to a spanking party; I wonder what people would have thought if they had known. :-) We ran into a thunderstorm but it didn't last long and anyway, if it had, I wouldn't have cared. As it turns out, I didn't leave the hotel all weekend.
The first person I played with was someone I had been planning to play with since the last party. He is a switch and I wanted to try out my topping skills. Since he is someone who would be willing to lend his bottom to such an experiment (and to give constructive advice) I had asked if I could top him. This proved to be a successful endeavor, with both parties happy. Don't worry, guys...I'm not a switch. I'm still about 90% bottom but just like to top every now and then, although I did top about five times at this party. lol
There were some new Tops at this party and I quickly got on their good sides (translation: I bratted them cutely) and got some very nice spanking in return.
I met some new bottoms too and gave them my advice about the best spankers in the group. I think they were happy with their choices as I saw all of them smiling every time I saw them during the weekend.
The only thing that kind of bummed me out was that my good friend, Purple Angel, who Cheryl and I had ridden up with, couldn't really enjoy the party because of pain in her leg. But I understand she got taken very good care of while she laid in bed and got waited on like the princess she is.
Saturday was the vendor fair. While there weren't that many vendors in attendance, my two favorites (both from Florida) were there. Ian from London Tanners did his usual great job of selling (and demoing) his toys. He left with a bit of my money. He also demoed one of his prison straps on me. I didn't know which one because, as you might guess, he was behind me. I think it was his Canadian Prison strap but I'm not sure. All I know is that that thing got my attention and the attention of everyone in the room who saw the demo. The toy looks nasty (and it is) but I really loved it. And, of course, he was happy to demonstrate his wonderful caning technique, too. If you would like to see his vast array of toys, please visit Ian's website:
The other vendor who was there had an array of wood and leather toys as well as canes. I had bought a razor strap from him at last July's party and I wanted to let him know that it was still "working" properly. He had some nice razor straps, rug beaters and fraternity paddles. I had my eye on one of them (one that wasn't too heavy and ridiculous) but my funds were low and I couldn't afford any of them, though they were reasonably priced. What I did come away with was one of Ian's "Nannie Paddles", a new cane (a thinner one to compliment all my thicker ones) and a clothes brush thrown in to boot. The clothes brush is very nasty. It is neither plastic nor wood. We aren't sure what it's made out of but it does pack a nasty sting.
Friday and Saturday nights we got very good eats, thanks to members of the group who cooked tirelessly. Friday night was brats (which I thought was appropriate) and the fixings. Saturday night was pork roast with sauerkraut and other sides. Yeah, I know...sauerkraut at a spanking party? What was he thinking? I didn't have any though just to be on the safe side.
I got so much fun spanking play at this party AND wore my cutest purple panties on Friday just for Purple Angel and, wouldn't you know it, she didn't even get to see them. Her beloved GC saw them and reported that they were, indeed, adorable. I thanked him for the compliment, of course.
I played very hard at this party but thanks to the Tops who spanked me for their expertise and practiced hands, I didn't need my first aid kit at all. But I'm still glad I brought it. You never know when you might need it. I still never attend a spanking party without it.
I felt quite a few different spanking styles at this party. I played with a few who only spanked by hand and they were lovely, both the spankers and the spankings. I played with a few who didn't quite know what a warm up was, but that is their style. And I played with a few who loved their toys so much the warm up I did get was cursory. But I love that feeling, too. I assure you I didn't take anything I didn't want. And this time when I told people "no wood", there were no problems. I did take some paddlings with wood paddles or hairbrushes (but only three or four swats with each) but mostly it was leather straps and my beloved canes.
It was so much fun exploring my top side at this party, too. I was brand spanking new to topping, but the way I started was that I knew what I liked as a bottom and I just started there and listened to the people bottoming to me. The way I do it is I just opened my toy bag and said, "Take out what you think you might like and leave the rest." I think that worked out pretty well. And I promise you if someone said "I don't do wood" or "I don't like the cane" no one was pressured to do it anyway. I would never be that kind of spanker because I know how much I hate it when I'm bottoming. With practice I may become pretty good at it. lol
When Sunday comes I am usually very torn, especially after a three-day party. I am usually torn between wanting the party to last another day and wanting to get home and sleep in my own bed. This party was no exception.
I can't wait until the next one in October which, this year, will fall on Halloween. That should be fun!
Some people were missed at this party, too, due to health issues. I pray for them everyday. And, of course, my sweet friend, Purple Angel, didn't get to enjoy the party much, either but there will always be next time.
And I met a Top who is coming here to play on Saturday...hopefully I'll have some fun to blog about then!
Everyone have a great day and I'll write more about specifics of the party another time. Till then...

Cigi has left the safe and play nice everyone!