Monday, June 16, 2008

Spanked in Public

Here, at last, is my own personal (well, one of them anyway) spanked in public stories.

It happened about four years ago right in my own hometown. There was a Top who Cheryl and I used to get together with but not with much frequency. He lived out of state (way out of state) and we only saw him when he had to come close to town for business. On this occasion, the business was our birthday. He bought a bottom friend of ours with him.

We rented a hotel for the day and played there until all three of us girls were red, sore and hungry. The Spanker Who Shall Remain Nameless (as he will be called from now on) was kind enough to take us all out for dinner, his treat. You'd think Cigi would be on her best behavior...well, I was. I was on my best brat behavior.
On my birthday (or any other day) this was the best you could expect from me. Now, mind you, I wasn't an obnoxious or malicious brat. But The Spanker Who Shall Remain Nameless had driven a long way and I'm sure he was tired from driving, not to mention spanking three bottoms. We went to one of my favorites restaurants and Cheryl and I were told we could order whatever we wanted, money was no object. The three of us girls looked at each other and I'm sure The Spanker Who Shall Remain Nameless was sorry he had told us "money is no object."
The table was laden with steak, lobster, crab cakes and the like. I like sea food but I love a good steak too so...I got both! :)
We had a wonderful dinner actually and most of the time we girls displayed our best table manners. We were, after all, in public. But that didn't stop me from throwing my napkin in his face or knocking his fork on the floor when he wasn't looking or putting the onion slices from my salad in his glass of water. He smiled patiently; a promise of things to come.
We talked about spanking and some of our experiences and past parties we had gone to. It was actually a very nice time. However...
walking out to the parking lot to his car was a long walk. The restaurant was busy and The Spanker Who Shall Remain Nameless never liked parking his car around others. He parked it way off in the lower forty. It was December and it was cold and he walked to his car trailed by three brats who were complaining the whole way. Now, The Spanker Who Shall Remain Nameless was a nice man but vain about his hair. His girlfriends always said he took longer to do his hair than they did! So I made a point of mussing his hair. He would ignore me and patiently swipe it back into place. When that didn't work at getting a rise out of him, I resorted to kicking him in the backside, which he found annoying if not painful.
The Spanker Who Shall Remain Nameless turned to face me, "Cigi, I know you can think of a cuter way to brat me. Something that's more 'you'." he said.
"I tried messing up your hair and you ignored me," I pouted.
The Spanker Who Shall Remain Nameless pointed a finger at me, "Wait til we get back to the motel. I promise not to ignore you."
He was from the South and even the most luxurious hotel was a "motel" to him. It was part of his charm.
When he turned back to resume walking to his car, I kicked him in the backside again. What the was fun! But I could tell it was very annoying to him and that was something I didn't want to be. We had reached the car by this time and I was just about to apologize for kicking him when he took me by the shoulders.
"Oh no!" the other brat who was with us proclaimed, "here it comes!" She was laughing, perhaps because for once it wasn't her who was about to be publicly chastised.
Before I could conjure up a believable apology, The Spanker Who Shall Remain Nameless bent me over the hood of his car. I was aware of people around us and I remember some of them walked by and some actually stopped to watch.
The Spanker Who Shall Remain Nameless pulled up my coat, then my dress exposing white silken panties and nude thigh high stockings. I protested, "This isn't (the state he came from) this is Illinois! You could get arrested for this!"
The Spanker Who Shall Remain Nameless pulled off his best Tim Holt nasal twang and said, "It'll be a pleasure to go to jail for this!"
I heard laughter from our small audience. Then he started to spank me. Not the "oh this is a playful warm up" kind of spanking, Oh no. This was the "you've bratted me to the end of my patience and this is just a sample of what you're gonna get when we get back to the motel" kind of spanking. Not to put too fine a point on it, it really stung and I wasn't so sure he wouldn't lower my panties in public, too. But luckily for me he didn't. Luckily for him, no police were in the area.
All the while he scolded me for my behavior, both in the restaurant and out in the parking lot.
He reddened my bottom and I'm sure my other cheeks were blushing, too.
When he put my coat back down and gave me some conciliatory rubs, I can swear to this day I heard applause.
I got into the car with as much dignity as I could muster, while Cheryl and my brat friend laughed at my fake anger and mock indignity. And, of course, once we got back to the "motel", I got the rest of the spanking. was wonderful!

That's all for now...stay tuned for more "Cigi gets spanked in public" stories in the future!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Telling Stories

I know, I have been checking this blog for a month waiting, just waiting, for Cigi to write more of her amazing pearls of wisdom. Well, I shall keep you waiting no longer.

I have a few scene friends who are writers of spanking fiction. Even my own sister has tried her hand at it, and done well I might add. But she is too shy to let anyone but me and a few other people read her stories. Now, I think my sister is a fantastic writer, but maybe I'm a bit biased. I cannot remember a time from our childhood where she didn't have a pencil in her hand writing something. In our years at school, her essay or book report was always held up as the correct way to write: every word spelled correctly and every dot, comma and semi-colon in it's place.
So why now, when she really has something to write about, doesn't she write about it? I have long wondered if maybe it was a question of keeping her innermost thoughts and fantasies to herself. Or maybe, now that she doesn't have to make things up about her spanking life, the thrill is gone from writing for her. If you have read her blog, you know she can write.

I myself have never sat down and tried to write a spanking story, fiction or non-fiction. This blog helps me when the urge to write hits me. I do promise that one day soon I will attempt a spanking story. Knowing several spankos who also write, is encouraging as well.

I am often reminded of something Cat Stevens said. Those of you who were around in the 70's knows who he is, right? Well, he said in an interview that he asked another British pop star (very famous at the time) how he should go about righting songs. He was told "Write about what you know. Don't try to write about things you don't know about." I have always kept that in mind. Now, even when you are writing something totally fiction I believe it must have a ring of truth and therefore at least a small shred of plausibility. Now, I don't know anything about rocket science, quantum theory (whatever the heck that is), or even road construction (all I know about road construction is that we have a lot of it going on here in Illinois). But I do know about spanking. You would think it would be a pretty easy thing for me to write a story about. But it's not. Because I have not even a shred of imagination, it's very difficult for me to write about something that didn't actually happen, if not to me then at least to someone else.

But I will give it a whirl...maybe I'll write about the time a Top I know put me over the hood of his car in the parking lot of a busy many of you would like to hear about that? :-)

That's all for tonight, children. Go to bed now!