Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Missing A Friend

We all know someone who left this life far too early and, usually, that loss is particularly hard to bear. Today, I got word that the past president of Crimson Moon passed away after suffering a heart attack. He was someone I didn't know that well, even after six years of attending parties and we only played a few times, but he was Crimson Moon for many, many years. He gave of himself and thought of everyone before himself. He was the "big brother" of every girl in the group.
When I attended my first party, he was the first person to introduce themselves to me. He invited me out to dinner with other group members and helped me feel less terrified. He did that with everyone. We had our moments over the years; our disagreements but you still couldn't deny his place in the spanking community and certainly not in Crimson Moon.
So, as we lay Vince to rest this week, I will remember only the good times and the fun he enabled me to have at countless parties.
I am too saddened and stunned to write more.
Rest in peace, Vince...may you find peace at last. I pray God will comfort your family and others of us who are grieving you tonight.
I'm sorry this is short...but I thought it was appropriate to keep it that way.
Have fun, play safe and spank someone in Vince's memory...hey, it's way he'd want it!
Cigi has left the building....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Toy Obsession

It seems my mother was right. She always said I as a "collector" of things. I have so many collections in storage; stamps, Depression Glass, baseball cards, Avon bottles, etc. I get my tendency to be a pack rat from my late father, who could never throw anything away especially if it conjured up fond memories. It seems only natural that, once I got into the spanking scene, I would start to collect more things; such as videos but mostly spanking toys. When I first got active in the scene, I was strictly a bottom and my creed was "The Top provides the toys". Then I started hearing about some bottoms who were friends of mine who had started to purchase their own toys and it began to make sense. For the first several years I was at the mercy of whoever I was playing with and whatever toys they had and chose to use. It began to occur to me that I wasn't getting a lot of spanking with the toys I enjoyed most. So, after talking it over with Cheryl, we agreed to start buying some of our own toys. Well, to make a long story short, "some of our own toys" has become an almost unmanageable accumulation of spanking implements. And I have gone through phases believe me; the first was the cane phase.The result of that is about ten different canes that I love so much I always bring all of them with me to spanking parties. The second was the leather phase, where I got into leather spanking toys. I knew exactly where I wanted to shop for those as I had been salivating over them for a while and telling all the Tops I knew "buy your leather toys from this guy". Of course, I am talking about the London Tanner. I have quite a number of his toys and there are a few more I still have yet to get. Aren't they lovely? They are so well crafted and all handmade. I wish I could get them all!

The next phase was the wood paddle phase. This was the phase before this last one hit me. This happened only because I didn't have any in my collection and, as I was beginning to Top by this time, I thought I should probably get some in the toy bag. I liked to have them used on me too. I wanted only the best quality work, which is why I only purchase toys from three for four different toy makers. I believe in the quality of their work and am loyal to them. I did my usual research online and came across a wonderful gentleman in Texas who makes all kinds of exotic wood paddles. His toys are reasonably priced, too. It's where I got this wonderful paddle made out of purple heartwood. I will give you all the URL's of my favorite toy makers at the end of this post.

There are also a few more of his paddles I want. You can easily see how the collection can begin to be hard to manage. Well, as if that weren't enough, now I have this new phase: the fraternity paddle phase. I believe it's simply because my toy bag is without one and that's why I want one so badly. The collector in me can't be without one. I was at a Crimson Moon party last July and, of course, CM has a vendor fair every year at the summer party. There was a gentleman there with all sorts of fraternity paddles. I admit, at the time, that the thought of having one kind of appealed to me then. But the London Tanner had his usual beautiful table of wares and I had put aside money for the things I wanted. But I kept going back to the table with the fraternity paddles. The one I wanted was a bit out of my price range but it kept catching my eye and I kept going back to his table. Another Top snapped it up and it now resides proudly in his collection. I had lost my chance. But for me part of the fun is the chase; trying to locate just the toy I want. Most of the time that isn't difficult but with this type of toy the hunt may take longer.

Hopefully that same gentleman will have his assortment of frat paddles put out and I will be able to get one. But I hate waiting until July when he will probably show up at the vendor fair of the CM summer party. Meanwhile, I wonder what other obsessions and phases I might go through. And will my wallet be able to take it?
As promised here are the addresses for the toy makers I use. I can vouch for the quality of their work and their customer service. I am a picky customer and if they can please me, they can please anyone.

www.thelondontanners.com (fine leather toys! Say hi to Ian for me!)

www.canes4pain.com (wonderful canes made by Whypdancer. The best!)

www.spanking-paddles.com (makers of paddles from any kind of wood you can imagine; all handmade by Walt.)

There you have it...I urge anyone with an obsession with toys to check out and patronize these fine toy makers.

That's all for now. I am off on the hunt for that elusive frat paddle. This is Cigi signing out saying, as always...play safe and play nice!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Giving Thanks Pt II

I know sometimes real life gets in the way of our wonderful spanking life and that is what has happened to me. I had knee surgery last Thursday (I'm doing fine and everything went well) and even though it was arthroscopic I still had surgery and I still have pain. The fact that my doctor is very easy on the eyes is a plus.

Now, you may be thinking how does the title fit in with what I'm typing? Well, I have the good fortune to have just about the best friend anyone could ask for and she came and spent the last five days with me, helping me out and scolding me when I went against doctor's orders. My dear, sweet, stern friend is none other than Purple Angel, a person most of you know from her blog "spanking delight". I couldn't have had better care if I had had a nurse to care for me.

I don't think the picture would gross you out too much, so here's what my knee looked like on Saturday, when I was allowed to take the bandages off: Very little bleeding or bruising; thanks to my sister and my "private nurse". By the way, those black marks at the top of my knee are my surgeon's initials. They always make sure they mark the correct body part I guess. Anyway, nothing is too much to ask of either of them and I don't think I thank The Man Upstairs for them often enough. It's not enough to tell yourself "my friends and family know I love them". Every now and then they need to hear it, especially when they go above and beyond for you. The only thing that would have made it any nicer would be if I could have stood some spanking; the endorphins would have been nice. lol But we sat around and watched movies (some spanking some not). We watched The Wizard Of Oz and had wonderful memories of the Our Need and Desire party (where we watched this movie on TV while spanking) and we watched It's A Wonderful Life because I don't believe in watching that movie alone, nor do I cry alone during the sentimental, schmaltzy parts.
So I'm going to lie down and rest now...my nurse is calling! :)
That's all for now, Kiddies...this is your slightly high on pain meds blogger, Cigi, saying play nice and play safe!