Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Giving Thanks Pt II

I know sometimes real life gets in the way of our wonderful spanking life and that is what has happened to me. I had knee surgery last Thursday (I'm doing fine and everything went well) and even though it was arthroscopic I still had surgery and I still have pain. The fact that my doctor is very easy on the eyes is a plus.

Now, you may be thinking how does the title fit in with what I'm typing? Well, I have the good fortune to have just about the best friend anyone could ask for and she came and spent the last five days with me, helping me out and scolding me when I went against doctor's orders. My dear, sweet, stern friend is none other than Purple Angel, a person most of you know from her blog "spanking delight". I couldn't have had better care if I had had a nurse to care for me.

I don't think the picture would gross you out too much, so here's what my knee looked like on Saturday, when I was allowed to take the bandages off: Very little bleeding or bruising; thanks to my sister and my "private nurse". By the way, those black marks at the top of my knee are my surgeon's initials. They always make sure they mark the correct body part I guess. Anyway, nothing is too much to ask of either of them and I don't think I thank The Man Upstairs for them often enough. It's not enough to tell yourself "my friends and family know I love them". Every now and then they need to hear it, especially when they go above and beyond for you. The only thing that would have made it any nicer would be if I could have stood some spanking; the endorphins would have been nice. lol But we sat around and watched movies (some spanking some not). We watched The Wizard Of Oz and had wonderful memories of the Our Need and Desire party (where we watched this movie on TV while spanking) and we watched It's A Wonderful Life because I don't believe in watching that movie alone, nor do I cry alone during the sentimental, schmaltzy parts.
So I'm going to lie down and rest now...my nurse is calling! :)
That's all for now, Kiddies...this is your slightly high on pain meds blogger, Cigi, saying play nice and play safe!


Anonymous said...

The picture didn't gross me out, Cigi. I am glad that you're doing better from your knee surgery. It's nice to have family and friends care for you and you know that they do. Also very nice change to your blog. I like it! Get better and don't overdo it.

Indy said...

Glad you're recovering well, Cigi, and I'm glad Purple Angel was there to keep you in line when you had those natural urges to do too much.


Cigi said...

Pest and Indy--
Thanks for the good wishes. I saw the doctor Thursday and everything is actually ahead of schedule healing wise. Pest, I read your blog and I hope everything turns out well for you.

Indy, I hope to see you at the January CM party!


Dr. Ken said...

Hurry and heal up, Cigi! You need your knees....*G*

Dr. Ken

Ace said...

Can we exchange contact information?