Sunday, October 14, 2007

Spanking Videos

What is it about spanking videos that just does it for us? For some, I suppose it's the "I'll show you who's in charge" aspect of it. For some, it's the sexy "I'm doing this because I care" aspect of others. But what about people like me for whom spanking is neither punishment nor a necessary part of our sexuality? What about those of us who just get spanked because it's so much fun? I'm not denying that spanking is sexual for me. But I like to keep the two separated. I don't get spanked so I can function sexually. I can have sex without spanking. So, for me at least, this isn't a fetish in the strictest sense.

It is very hard to find videos that don't offend me on some level. Let me explain that. Some of the punishment videos have unnecessary and gratuitous nudity. I know, I punishment, being naked adds to the humiliation. And let's face it, what guy doesn't like seeing a naked girl? Well, I don't watch videos to enjoy the humiliation of others and I don't watch to see naked girls. I watch to be entertained. The "romantic" videos always have their share of butt plugs, vibrators and digital penetration. I don't watch spanking vids to get my porn fix, either. If I wanted to watch porn, I would simply buy porn.

When I purchase a spanking video I am looking for at least half-way plausible scenarios and well done spanking. I have several videos where I have asked, "Did they just pick someone off the streets and offer them money? This idiot doesn't have the slightest idea what he's doing."

I even have one video that a friend sent me that I can't even watch because the guy doing the "spanking" is just a butcher. During the caning part of the tape, he landed several right across this poor girl's tailbone. I watched it once or twice and it just makes me retch so I don't watch it anymore. So in my opinion it is hard to find videos that completely satisfy. Something is always missing or just a little bit wrong.

I do enjoy Shadow Lane videos. I mean, the ones without the butt plugs, vibrators, digital penetration and "hot girl on girl action". Shadow Lane has shown for about the last twenty years that they care about quality and it always shows in their videos. Eve Howard takes the time to dress her actors and actresses beautifully and make sure the sets are dressed nicely, too. You won't see some cheesy hotel room with shag carpeting in a Shadow Lane video. Even though they concentrate more on the "punishment" aspect of spanking, most of the time they come pretty close to the mark. The people in the videos all seem like they are where they want to be and are having fun.

About five years ago, when I first became active in the scene, I was asked if I would ever do a video. At the time, my answer was an emphatic "No!" I would never want anything out there with me getting spanked that anyone I didn't want to might see. Now, I might change my answer. For many years, in spanking videos all we saw were cute, young, thin co-ed types getting spanked. It was as if the companies were all telling us "If you wear a bigger size and have too many candles on your birthday cake you can forget about playing in the scene. No one wants you!" Now, I have been happy to see a slow change coming about in the spanking video industry. I recently purchased several Shadow Lane videos that featured women who were more, shall we say, representative of the average woman in the scene. They were still young but they were larger women. It shows me that they are trying to tell people "Guess what? You don't have to be cute, thin and 21 to play. Older people and those of us who don't look like Nicole Kidman can find our place in the scene, too."

For me, watching a spanking video helps me get my spanking fix between play dates and parties. It used to be my only outlet before I got active in the scene. It isn't about having something to masturbate with or getting off watching some stud make a poor girl strip naked and then submit to punishment. I just like the sights and sounds of spanking and, when I can't play all the time, spanking videos fill the void.

I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite. The ones I have all have their pluses and minuses. And my tastes have changed over the years. What I really liked to watch five or six years ago, I no longer enjoy. Some I thought were so-so back then are more entertaining now. I think that is good, too. I'd be interested in hearing from some of you about what your favorite spanking video is or if you even think there is a place for them. I just know that spanking videos do fill a void that, fortunately, doesn't have to be filled too often.


Erik said...

Hi Cigi,

I've only ever owned one physical spanking video tape, but I've downloaded plenty from the web over the years.

I agree that its difficult to find a convincing video. Most of the ones I've seen are dissapointing, with the girls going to one extreem or the other: They're either not reacating at all to their spankings, which is boring, or they're over-reacting which looks fake :(

Despite the all too frequent problems, I think that videos have their place and I can usually find something half-way reasonable when I'm in a rare video watching mood.

Re older, bigger models, why not? The web is awash with spanking clips and photos of the young and beautiful - and they can all look a bit the same after a while. Maybe its time to have some more interesting characters?



Purple Angel said...

Hi Cigi,
I think well done videos with some semblance of a story line and actors that have some ability to talk as well as spank have a place in this lifestyle. But those are hard to find. I also agree that people that are realistic looking is much more appealing to me. That includes the spankers as well as spankees. I haven't watched many videos but I really do notice that many sites look for models that look underage even though they are not. The whole schoolgirl spanking video episode is boring to me but I do understand that it is not to others. Just would be good to see more balance.

Just one small comment on the subject of nudity for spanking. I am often spanked in the nude for discipline. I never feel humiliated, and in fact, none of my discipline contains humiliation as a part of it. At first there was some embarassment but it was explained to me that for discipline purposes I was not allowed to conceal anything. So I think there are different takes on issues such as nudity. It would be really hard for me to handle humiliation. Just throwing my two cents in(thats about all I have left after this past weekend!).
Purple Angel

Anonymous said...

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